A new LS-Swap kit hits the market

Speedtech LS Swap Kit

Ok, so we’re late the game a bit on reporting this, but so what, we provide a free service. You get what you pay for (insert audience comic laugh track).

We know a few things about swapping LS motors in various cars and know how sometimes tracking down parts that match we together can be a pain. The best thing we’ve seen come out is entire “systems” for people to use. This eliminates any possibility of interference with parts from differing manufacturers. We’ve heard horror stories.



Speedtech LS Swap Nova 6 96

That’s where the new(ish) system from Speedtech Performance comes in. Filling the niche they’ve combined parts to create a system that starts just north of two-grand to essentially get that ‘vette motor in just about anything you got.


* All parts are designed to provide high clearance fitment

* Includes Speedtech custom engine mount system

* Hand fabricated oil pan has internal baffling and remote filter provisions

* Full length Stainless headers available in 1.75” or 2” tube dia.

Speed Tech says:

Speedtech’s made-in-the-USA kit includes billet motor mount adapter plates, specially machined poly urethane engine mounts, custom frame stands, our hand fabricated low profile oil pan, and our custom designed stainless steel headers. If you’re considering swapping an LS in your Chevelle, Camaro, or Nova, you need this kit. Check out our LS based and other performance muscle car products at www.speedtechperformance.com.

Check out www.speedtechperformance.com to see if they have the kit for you!


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