A very special 4/20 RCR SLC Grifter update! First drive, puke and general garage shananigans


Last time we left you we had just started the car and checked for leaks.

Well, that has all changed as momentum has been gaining and is at an all time pace. Despite a few cold days here and there, its been warm enough to get major work done on Grifter.


We just like this photo because it’s basically a ‘first baby’ photo. Here’s it’s first bit of smoke, aawwwww!!! SO ADORBS!


From there we made a panel out of aluminum to fit our dash housing with lots of buttons and thingies. The upper left is the momentary start/stop switch. For now, that’s all that matters. We covered the piece in some faux carbon fiber vinyl wrap. What the hell right?


Notice that the car is pointing out the front of the garage… that’s about to soon change.


We obtained some license plates from an office where a bunch of angry people sit behind a big long desk and scowl at people and generally like to make life miserable for everyone around them, presumably because they hate their life and their job. I made it past their onslaught of piss-poor attitude and general berating to write a stupid large check and get some plates so I could actually drive legally.


My neighbor and I pushed the car into the street and proceeded to start it in gear. My theory as a friend relayed to me was that the clutch was frozen and I needed to pop it loose. Randy, the friend, told me that the procedure is thus…

  1. Find a long straight piece of road where you don’t have a lot of obstacles
  2. Have a strong battery just in case it takes a few tries.
  3. Point car in said non-crashy direction.
  4. Start the car in gear and let the starter get the car moving and started.
  5. Get moving a decent speed and push the clutch in hard.
  6. With the clutch pedal pushed in hard, blip the throttle quickly to try and shake it loose.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until clutch pops loose.

Well, that worked and while the clutch still needed some work, it was passable for the time being.

… exactly one mile later… Shit done blowed up.


Not a big deal, the upper radiator hose wasn’t tight. I slipped it back on and went for another drive. No worries.


With the car firmly back in place in the garage, it attracted quite the following from the neighbors and the neighborhood kids. These two always seem to be ever present fixtures at my house chewing the living crap out of my ear, but I suffer him well. He volunteered to scrap pasted blue painters tape off the aluminum. Who the hell am I to turn down free kid labor for a job I want nothing to with?! The future of ‘Merica does have some bright spots!


Since the car moved under its own power I figured it was time for a mini photoshoot. As you can tell, I’m mugging hard for the camera, but it ain’t all fun and games, this is serious business!

We will be featured in KitCar Magazine starting in June! We’ll keep you posted on all happenings. Also you’ll see the final rendition of this photo! Lucky you!


Finally, here we sit with the ‘spider’ installed, which is the main fiberglass part of the body.

Stay tuned, we are working on a first drive video, we are working on scrounging up some GoPro’s… Until then, hang tight!

Thanks everyone 🙂

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