An open letter to the morons who pulled this… Grow up.


Dear street racing enthusiasts (I use the term loosely),

I’m referencing this incident from Fox 9 news in which a bunch of punk street racers thought it was a smart idea to sucker punch an owner hard enough to land him in the hospital.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to street race. This clearly isn’t the right way. Yes, we all know that street racing is illegal, dangerous and has resulted in multiple deaths along the years. But don’t let me say that I haven’t been to a few and that they aren’t exciting, that’s a different story.

That said. GROW UP.

You’re adults now, at at least are of legal age to be one so act like it. It’s one thing to pull up to a deserted spot with lovely long straight roads and mess around, it’s another to harass business owners and physically assault them.

Not only have you tarnished the good name of street racing in general, you’ve put a literal black eye on the car hobby in general. And you wonder why people don’t take you seriously? They honestly shouldn’t at this point.

You wonder why car ownership is down, car show attendance is dwindling across the nation and the car culture is dying? It’s you. Yes, whoever did this and their ilk are the problem. Now, you’re wanted and the cops are going to be all over this kind of thing. This right here is what leads to cars being impounded and eventually crushed when the public gets fed up with your crap and mandates a law that all impounded cars from street racing go straight to the crusher, congrats because this is where we are headed.

You show up to a someone’s private business, take it over and act like you own the place. It’s enough to get a lot of people’s feathers in a ruffle. How would you like it if we came over to your house, sat on your couch, drank all your Shasta and when you got all upset about it, we punched your cat in the face because we just wanted to use your couch to watch Grey’s Anatomy?

Here’s some advice, stop being children and act like adults. Sure, show up to a place, be courteous, don’t drop trash and beer bottles and if you get asked to leave… guess what? You leave! No smokey burnouts to show your disgust, no aggressive, just polite acknowledgement that you aren’t wanted there. Sure, a few business owners are jerks about impromtu car meets at their location, I get it. That doesn’t give you the right to physically hurt someone.

Frankly, the best way to street race (not that I condone it) is in the morning, after you’re all done and long gone…

It looks like no one was there. Ghost racers.



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  1. Corey Bloom

    Buddy, do you even know the story? Research helps. Maybe instead of regurgitating what you have watched on the local news. Go out and do some research on what really happened. Do I support this kind of behavior? Absolutely not. Am I car car enthusiast? Absolutely. There are two sides to every fight. The story makes it out as if the owner politely came out and asked the drivers to leave. Which is 100% ok. It is his property and anyone that is trespassing on it should have no problem leaving. Going up and choking someone is completely out of line. Do I agree with either of there actions no. Just don’t make it out as a couple of thugs who layed hands on a man without being provocted. Like I said. Research before you make a larger issue.

    • Eric

      If this were an isolated incident with street racing in general, I doubt any one would have really taken notice. This is aimed at world wide idiocy with the street racing community. If he really did do that, I would have some harsh tones with him as well. That said, having people show up to your business every single night and take it over has to take a toll on people. If what he said was true about his employees being scared of working there, a good hard look has to be taken at that scene.

  2. Jake Hildebrandt

    Old business owner showed up drunk as F***(with his extremely intoxicated wife/mistress) and was anything but co-operative. The kids were trying to leave and get in their cars but he started yelling and trying to pick a fight and hit one of the kids cars and the kid got out, the business owner grabbed the kid by the neck and was trying to choke him.. That’s when the kids friends jumped in.. Both parties were in the wrong.. #SpringStreet2014 #MNStreets

    • Eric

      For the sake of argument, I will assume what you’re saying is true. Having your business over run constantly time and time again I can also assume has taken a toll on not only this guy but other business owners in the area as well. If what his employee said is true about feeling scared at work, there’s bigger issues here.

  3. Brian Boardley

    IF you weren’t there I suggest you get the facts before blowing up the internet. If I ever race again it will be with only a handful of fast cars in a secret location with out spectators. Wanna be fast cars/kids are usually the problem.

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