Big Red takes on all challengers in PRIME TIME! He said/She said


The Big Red Camaro TV show airs tonight, Monday, July 27 at 9:00pm in EDT on NBCSN. This is a huge monumental step forward for the Camaro from it’s humble beginnings in the 80’s as a father son project.


We sat down for a pre-screening of the first of 8 episodes to run weekly on NBCSN, with a friend of ours who is just starting her car journey. We thought it would fun to run down part of our conversation during and after the show aired for us. He is a petro-sexual through and through, she … Is not. So let’s see how the conversation went down….

he said: I knew the car was famous, but I really wasn’t sure why.

she said: I’m glad they brought in details of the history of the car, that helped me out a ton.

he said: Yea, the background was nice, I wasn’t really aware of the history either. I think I would have been 8 at the time. Hadn’t hit my car loving years yet.

she said: I thought the intro was good, I would have liked to seen the whole crew roster listed off so I knew who the players were.

he said: Fair point, I guess I’m more interested in the car and how they get it to go so damn fast, that’s a hell of a motor, a 568ci did they say?

she said: At the end I felt like I wanted to know more about the people, ya know? Like the dad and the son and how all that works.

We continued to watch…

she said: You shouldn’t have let me watch this…

he said: Why not? It’s pretty cool showing how the Silver State Challenge goes down. Averaging 197mph? Are you kidding me?

she said: It makes me worried, did that guy really die?

he said: Yea, looks that way.

she said: And you’re still going to race?

he said: Yep. Maybe not that particular race, but in general, yes.

she said: You gotta be safe, you have to promise me.

he said: I have safety equipment and have been learning to drive better, it’ll be fine…

Insert pregnant pause as the show wrapped up…

he said: So whadidja think?

she said: It’s kinda cool how long that car has been going.

he said: Well, you know there’s 7 more episodes left.

she said: Yea, I wonder what they are going to do for the other shows.

he said: I’m not sure, there’s a lot of races out there and it looks like this one was done in 2011, so between then and now is a lot of time.

she said: The editing and quality of the video was good, graphics really made it look like a magazine!

he said: I saw that too, I saw a few people I know interviewed. Kind of cool to see them get some screen time. I gotta bust Jeff Smith’s chops next time I see him.

she said: Be nice to him! He’s nice to you.

he said: It’s a guy thing. It’s like our code or something. If I don’t give him a hard time, he’ll think I hate him!

she said: What sort of assbackwards logic–….

It went on like this for a little while before the conversation was over with lots of hand waving and pantomiming ‘bro code’, but to no avail.

Regardless of what men do to each other, the show was a cool intro for those who aren’t familiar with the Big Red Camaro and introduces us to some gnarly races and some of the harsh realities of racing and living on the edge.

Check it out tonight on NBCSN at 9 EDT. Now…

Since we don’t have cable, the next goal will be to figure out who will we mooch off of to watch the rest of the episodes????

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