Brotherhood of Streetracers 1st Annual Car show: Photo Dump.

IMG_20150816_112434 copy

Take a gander at some of the photos we snapped while at the 1st Annual Brotherhood of Streetracers car show in Hugo, MN. Turn out was decent. The show was free and all donations went to the Wounded Warriors Project. Top 3 trophies awarded and generally a good time had by all. Grifter even made an appearance! 🙂

IMG_20150816_130706 copyIMG_20150816_110654 copy IMG_20150816_130247 copy IMG_20150816_130237 copy IMG_20150816_130123 copy IMG_20150816_130059 copy IMG_20150816_130053 copy IMG_20150816_125529 copy IMG_20150816_122635 copy IMG_20150816_122627 copy IMG_20150816_122605 copy IMG_20150816_112257 copy IMG_20150816_112220 copy IMG_20150816_112208 copy IMG_20150816_111924 copy IMG_20150816_111914 copy IMG_20150816_111735 copy IMG_20150816_111546 copy IMG_20150816_111539 copy IMG_20150816_111449 copy IMG_20150816_111438 copy IMG_20150816_111347 copy IMG_20150816_111337 copy IMG_20150816_111329 copy IMG_20150816_111320 copy IMG_20150816_111313 copy IMG_20150816_111236 copy IMG_20150816_111218 copy IMG_20150816_111103 copy IMG_20150816_111010 copy IMG_20150816_110927 copy IMG_20150816_110921 copy

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