Clamping force; hands on with Baer’s 6S EXTREME+ big brake package and possible ninja attack?


Clamping force; hands on with Baer’s 6S EXTREME+ big brake package and possible ninja attack?

By: Eric

The door bell rang suddenly last Saturday afternoon. The family looked around at each other as if to say, “were you expecting someone?” and the blank looks from everyone including the dogs indicated that being the lone alpha male of the household it was my job to answer the door. It’s my job because who knows what might lurk behind the door, be it would-be robbers, looters, evil-henchmen or just the pizza delivery guy, someone might be looking for battle and being the largest member and voted most likely to survive a stabbing, of the family, it was left to me.

It was cold that Saturday, bitterly cold. From the looks of the man in the FedEx hat behind the door, I deduced it was either an extremely clever ruse to stab me (which probably would have worked, I’m a sucker for a man in uniform) because who in their right mind goes around dressed up as a deliver dude in the dead of winter but to stab someone or actually deliver a package. I took the risk.

Upon opening the door and squinting at the man and checking his hands for daggers, he blurted out, “I got some brakes for you”.

Crap!! He now wants a duel out in the open where I’m defenseless and out of my element. I’m not dressed for winter combat, he was a clever dastardly fellow.

“Let me open the garage for you” was my ploy to buy me some time, find something to bludgeon the assailant with and hopefully find appropriate footwear for an ice duel.

I noticed a medium sized delivery truck backed up to my garage door, the bastard had thought of every little detail. He was certainly a professional.

I opened the garage door in an aggressive stance ready for what was clearly a hand-to-hand situation as naval warfare had been ruled out just moments ago with my civil war era cannon out at the cleaners just yesterday. Besides, I was fresh out of black powder and I had no time to load it and aim it, my opponent seemed much to agile for that trick.

He flung open his rear hatch and when the legion of Navy SEALS failed to jump out in full regalia, I knew the ninjas were his go-to plan. Stealth and quiet, I respected that. But when the silent whoosh of the shuriken did not make itself known to me I was left in gaped mouth wonder at 4 white boxes sitting by their lonesome in the back of the fake FedEx death delivery truck.

“You gonna just stand there or you wanna help?” the assassin quizzed. Maybe a well timed anti-tank mine wrapped in cardboard was his style, at this point I wasn’t ruling anything out.

“Yea, sure. Put them over there…” I pointed lazily on the ground well away from me. It was a bit rude frankly at how often this cold-blooded killer rolled his eyes. I had half a mind to call his supervisor, if trained killers have supervisors. I bet they do and I bet they ride their people hard… all micro-managey and stuff. Man, give the dude a break!

It was many many moments later that I emerged back into the house, not spurting blood and all limbs firmly attached. I had instead contracted ‘box hands’, which we all know is the male condition one gets when new car parts arrive at the house.

“You’re not seriously that excited about brakes are you?” my wife probed with no hint of irony or masking of her ire.


I simply beamed a stupid grin and flung the boxes on the kitchen counter. Now, having survived a death encounter, everything life had to offer was pure radiant joy. I ripped open the white boxes and as if rainbow-farting unicorns sneezed pixie glitter, the Baer 6S calipers gleaned in the soft glow of the 60-watt kitchen lights.

Perhaps the evil FedEx dude wasn’t just an evil plot doing evil things… perhaps he was a real delivery guy… with a family and stuff!

Regardless of that, I now have in my possession a full set of front and rear Baer 6S EXTREME brake calipers and brake rotors. Let me be the first to tell you that holding these powder-coating lovelies is a feeling a man only gets once or twice a lifetime, so soak it in now while you can.

I’m a lucky bastard and got to have two such events… the first time being with my 1968 Camaro dubbed “BLUE HOUR”. That time I used the Baer 6P setup and they were slick’er snot, I tell ya what. Behind that set of Forgeline’s, it was damn sexy especially when they were spinning.

lrg-1827-_em22954Now, those were a full set of the 14″ rotors with matching 6P calipers. The 6S EXT+ kit is an upgrade from the 6P. Baer told me that they don’t even make a 6P for the Viper, so don’t bother asking. What’s the difference you ask? Well, sit right down I’ll learn ya something good.

The 6P is a 6-piston caliper, hence the “6” portion. It’s a two-piece caliper and is slightly smaller than the 6S version. The 6S is a single forged monoblock and is physically larger in size to dissipate better, ergo… it can take more abuse. It also comes with a larger brake pad so its bound to stop better. Now, anyone with half a brain will know that they 14″ rotor setup won’t work under a stock 17″ Viper wheel, hence, we went with the 18″ Forgeline.

Baer also makes a 6R version of their calipers which are basically a stripped down, ultra-light, race version of the 6S which allows for drop in brake pad installation without having to remove the caliper. So there you have it, 6P, 6S and the 6R all delineated so you can make the best choice for your ride.

IMG_20160213_092219We will be replacing the StopTechs once the weather warms above complete and utter bullcrap freezing. The StopTechs are good and they work just fine, but they are a two piece design and are smaller than our Baer system. Plus, they are dirty and that’s just not going to do.

This setup will fit all GEN II Vipers which covers a lot of them out there, our GTS certainly fits in that range.

BaerViper_3The finish on the calipers is second to none and really does look great. They will look killer behind a matte black and gloss striped Viper and matte black and gloss rimmed Forgeline rims… see a pattern here?

BaerViper_2The calipers themselves have these stainless abutment plates bolted to the inside edges to align the brake pad. They reduce wear on the caliper itself and is meant to be replaced. It doesn’t hurt that it looks good as well.

BaerViper_4On the inside you’ll see another stainless piece called an anti-rattle clip that is held in by tension so it limits pad movement and reduces noise. Again, it looks sharp against the stark red color.

BaerViper_6You can see here how it all fits together over the 2-piece rotor. The rotors have curved vanes in them that are purposefully directional as to allow the maximum amount of air to travel through them. Baer says that this design allows for air to be pulled and pumped through the rotor.

BaerViper_5BaerViper_1You’ll notice that they pistons are of varying sizes, with the largest facing the the top of the caliper. These are stainless steel which reduces thermal transfer of heat, despite being slightly heavier than aluminum, heat is the name of the game here. Baer uses this staggered piston size to evenly distribute pad wear by evenly distributing fluid pressure and to eliminate tapering of the pad.

BaerViper_7The front and rear kit, respectively come with all of the necessary hardware and are adamant to never use pipe fittings for brakes and to only use banjo bolts, which are supplied in the kit. Again, we’ve had some hands on experience installing these kits and it’s easily the best and easiest kit to install and work well right out of the box. You’ll notice two calipers pictured, both look almost identical, but they are not. One is designed for the rear and one is for the front (Vipers use an external E-brake caliper). Baer does this to give a matched-look appearance for their kits. It is quite striking at first, second and fourteenth glance. It truly is a damn shame to hide these forged beauties and get them all yucky with brake dust. Perhaps we should just buy 3M stock now for some brake dust cleaner.

Rotors, braided lines, pads, bolts and brackets are all included in the price of the kit. Replacement parts are easily found on Baer’s website. The rotors are a two-piece design and are pre-assembled for you.

All said and done, the wife was pretty miffed that I commandeered the kitchen table for the better part of an afternoon, but since I had just cheated death, I figured it was a well deserved reward.

Check out the GEN II Viper Baer 6S EXT+ kit here on their website or check them out at

Calipers comes in a wide variety of colors so you can get one to suit your color palette.

Come back and check out Gearhead Daily in a few weeks, we’ll have install information and give these new brakes a thorough thrashing. Nothing here leaves unpunished!


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