Don’t let your ride go up in flames! Protect it with a fire extinguisher!

*Check out our walk around to see it after the interior has been installed. 


Ok, to be fair… the Viper in this photo has a full on fire suppression system on-board his car per the IMSA rules, so this isn’t really all that fair of a comparison, but still the point remains; Fire sucks.

There’s nothing worse than driving your pride and joy only to see the tell-tale signs of fire… smoke. Smoke really from any orifice of a car even the tail pipe is never good. And where’s smoke, there’s fire.

The second worse thing is being some place remote with no access to a fire extinguisher and having to watch helplessly as it burns to the ground. That is, unless you have an extinguisher on board with you. Which frankly is damn cheap insurance when the headaches alone in dealing with insurance and custom cars comes into play.

So, for those “just in case” moments, we installed a Eddie Motorsports fire extinguisher kit in our previous project RCR SLC “Grifter”.

Eddie Motorsports Quick Release Billet Fire extinguisher brackets.

Eddie Motorsports Quick Release Billet Fire extinguisher brackets.

We went with black because black is all moody and dark and brooding and evil and stuff…. Yea, evil.

IMG_20150627_185453It’s billet and billet is cool, it’s french or something for bling-bling. Regardless, it is a quick release style two piece design that allows for the quick pin pull and VIOLA! (which is actually French) you’re in fire fighting mode.

It installs fairly easily with 4 bolts mounted in a rectangular pattern. Since we had plenty of meat on our floor board, we just drilled and tapped a couple 10-32 holes and snugged it down. We found a perfect spot for it within arms reach of the driver between the door and the seat.

IMG_20150627_192303We truly believe in the philosophy of “better to be prepared and not need it”… etc…etc…

The billet piece retails for $75 at Eddie Motorsports Billet Fire Extinguisher Brackets and comes in a variety of colors and sizes for different bottles. They will also sell you the correct corresponding bottle for extra.

Catch ya’ on the flip side 🙂

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