February RCR SLC “Grifter” updates!

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Well, the cold weather continues and work on the RCR SLC has been in a word: Slow.

We were able to get some work done and here’s where she stands.


Who doesn’t love finely welded aluminum custom pieces? A while back one of the members on the SLC specific forum on GT40s.com made a very limited run of these coolant overflow tanks. I completely missed that by a good year or more, but thankfully one of the lucky recipients decided to sell me his because he was going another direction. This is a killer piece and totally worth the extra bucks. The SLC kit comes with a plastic overflow tank, but this one is sooooo much nicer, dontcha think?

1378349_10155079672110702_8291414676582275999_n copy

The Mast Motorsports oil pan that we reviewed recently comes with two plugged ports on the pan for an oil cooler (which we will add at a later date). These are perfect for an oil pressure sending unit (left) and an oil temp sending unit (right) that are specific to our STACK gauge cluster. For those who know how the LS oil pan is routed, this one is slightly different. The oil in the stock pan recirculates via the external piece, this one recirculates the oil internally, so no worries about oil starvation.

10958929_10155150232220702_6564040416626827178_n copy

We got our air inlet tube from Nate at One Guy’s Garage. He made it a tad long in case it needs to be trimmed when the rear clam is installed. More custom aluminum pieces! Baller status has been achieved!

10426156_10155079793920702_7847738880953099383_n copy

Moving to the exhaust side of things. We decided a long time ago that the exhaust had to exit out the side. We found our exit location first and worked backwards towards the LS7 exhaust manifolds bolted to the engine. We promised a friend that we would do our damnedest to get some pics of the car shooting flames.

10945608_10155105172265702_2022173991219734942_n copy

Here’s what we eventually came up with this for both sides of the car. It’s two pieces and slips on with a thick band clamp. A one piece system wasn’t going to fit, so that kinda sucked.

16503_10155162439390702_1992040641581282766_n copy

We added some VHT high temp exhaust paint to the whole tube and manifold. It should look decent after a few heat cycles for the paint to cure.

10990014_10155158007950702_8083745882638268092_n copy

Our neighbor came by to help remove the body. There’s really only a few ticky-tack things left like wiring up the gauge cluster, adding fluids and doing the finish wiring. Hopefully we’ll be posted a first start video soon! Hang tight and thanks for reading folks! 🙂

Oh, and that main image… My god this thing looks so badass. Dat’ass y0!


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