Flamethrower – ’46 Dodge that lights shit on fire!

Owner- Justin Brockner
Hometown- Mora, Minnesota

Cab- 46 dodge 2 ton Box- 53 international Chassis- mid 60s International Scout 2wd Engine- 152 cid International 4 cylinder

The Dodge was built in 4 weekends, but few minor things have changed since its original conception. It is equipped with 3 different flamethrower injection setups. This allows the color of the flames to be changed based on the combination of fuels chosen. When the body of the truck was channeled down over the frame it was basically set down on some 2×4’s. The floor was welded in from there.

This rat rod is driven all year, rain sleet and snow… The cab was grabbed from a farm cleanup Justins dad did, and the International Scout frame was found the same way at a neighboring farm. The Scout was a stipped down rig used for installing and maintaining fence on the farm The rims and tires Were left over from Justins minitrucking phase.. So if you factor in parts already owned, this rat rod only cost Justin about $600.

Chad Truss Photography



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