Get your piece of the 90’s with this NSX Race car


Let’s face it, the 90’s was it’s own special breed of hell. It was punctuated firmly into the history books by the likes of A Night at the Roxbury  and a horribly stupid Friends spin-off show with Joey. Matthew Leblanc is hardly the icon of the nineties, but my god, what were they thinking?

Thankfully, with all that behind us, we can look to some of the finer points such as the gems of the automotive world. The NSX in the 90’s was the ‘cool’ car to have. While a little down on power for stupid reasons (don’t get me started) it looked good and still holds its own in the styling department even today. It handled well thanks to it’s mid-engine design and solid suspension package so not a lot needed to be done to have a ton of fun.



Now, you too can have this sort of fun with this 1997 Acura NSX R GT2 on it does come with some *ahem* hiccups… According to the ad:

“This Honda NSX race car will require some work to complete the assembly. It has not been run since the 1999 Daytona 24 hour Race. The engine is removed and disassembled but the Hewland gearbox is rebuilt. The car is rolling. The body and chassis are in excellent condition with very little use, It has only done 1 race!”


Oops! No engine! The ad isn’t totally clear, but it sounds like there isn’t an engine that comes with it, which makes the $119,000 price tag a little steep for a race-car, even with no engine, racing engine or not.

Still, it was built by a pretty impressive name: Thompson Prototypes.

Uhhh… No brake rotors?!


Regardless of the shape, it would be pretty damn cool. Anyone wanna spot us a few hundo?

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