Hands on with the MAST Motorsports LS Swap oil pan.


Admittedly, we had to get a new oil pan for Grifter. The oil pan that comes with the GM LS376/525hp crate engine is made for the 5th gen Camaro. While that’s fine for the Camaro, the ground clearance on the SLC is quite small. We needed something more shallow and more narrow from front to back.

Step in MAST Motorsports. Featured here is our MAST Motorsports wet-sump oil pan side by side of the Camaro pan. It’s pretty easy to tell which is which, although the cast design of the MAST piece does make it look pretty much like a factory piece.

The Camaro pan is almost 8″ deep while the MAST pan is a smidge over 5″ deep. This gives us the clearance we need. Now, being the frugal type, we can’t really afford the dry sump setup of the LS7 so a wet system is what we are kind of stuck with. Thankfully, the MAST pan sports baffling built in for hard cornering, pre-drilled and tapped holes for a oil cooler should we need one in the future and uses a PF46 (or equivalent) off-the-shelf oil filter.

Here’s the difference between the Camaro pan our motor came with and the MAST version. In all honesty, we are a bit bummed because the Camaro pan has bolt holes all set up for an oil cooler that is a production part that is easily available and tested to work! We really wanted it to fit because the oil cooler that the 5th Gen Camaro uses is really nicely designed, hugging the pan and tucked away nicely.


The MAST pan is a nice piece and the price is pretty attractive too, at $400 it’s pretty fair for what you get. Now, to use an oil cooler you will need to use MAST’s proprietary fittings, but those are nominal in price and are in line with other AN fitting pricing.

For more info check them out at Mast Motorsports Website!


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