Lightning Style Billet Hood Hinges


We’ve see lots of hood hinges over the years and even got to play with Eddie Motorsports hinges before, so we can honestly say with direct experience that not only do they function 100% as advertised, but they look damn nice when the hood is lifted. That said, Eddie Motorsports has a new design that they’ve just rolled out. Here’s what the talking heads have to say about it…

Smooth functionality with outstanding appearance is designed into every set of Eddie Motorsports’ Billet Hood Hinges and their latest addition is for the popular GM classics including 1967-1969 Camaro & Firebird, 1964-1967 Chevelle, 1963-1967 Impala, 1964-1967 GTO, and 1964-1967 Olds Cutlass.

Eddie’s new Lightning series hinges feature a custom machined windowed design for the enthusiast who’s looking for a more elaborate look for their hot rod. The hinges are a direct bolt-on to update the standard (and probably worn out) stamped factory hinge and spring assembly. Eddie’s hinges are CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum to provide a secure foundation for the weight of the stock hood. To ensure smooth operation, sealed bearings are incorporated at pivot points to ensure long lasting action.

Complementing the added strength of the billet components, Eddie uses a nitrogen pressurized strut that is strong enough to hold the hood open throughout shows and cruise nights. The strut is finished in stainless steel and looks as good as it works with the entire Billet Hinge assembly. To complete the installation, each kit is supplied with stainless steel fasteners for the body mount and the hood.

* CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum hinges deliver superior strength with great looks

* Compact nitrogen filled stainless steel strut will secure the muscle car hoods when raised

* Sealed bearings ensure smooth operation at each pivot point

* Stock mounting locations with adjustment slots ease installation and alignment

* Supplied with stainless steel mounting hardware

* Available polished, machined, black or clear anodized

* Engineered and machined in Rancho Cucamonga, California

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