No, this isn’t a rip-off of ‘Cars’… STOP LAUGHING!


According to CNN Beijing’s wing, this very well could be Cars 3, BUT WAIT! It’s not! It’s a horrible rip-off by the country not-usually known for ripping things off, copying them with abandon and usually making things 115% crappier than the real deal.

But this Chinese film director Zhuo Jianrong would have you believe that he’s never even seen a Pixar movie let alone the movie ‘Cars’.

“I know of the movie ‘Cars’, but I have never seen it. I don’t even know the names of its characters,”

Uhhh right, who’s the first to call a major BULLSHIT flag here, eh? He even decides to rip off yet another franchise and call his movie the “Autobots”. Dude, come the hell on… It’s almost like you’re trying to insult our intelligence here.

To be fair, of the 3,900 reviewers on Chinese social media, they’ve given it a 2.1/5 stars. Probably a metric fuck-ton less after you factor in all the 5-star reviews they paid to be farmed out by peasant ‘like’ farmers.

“The animation was so poorly made that it is no match for the average domestic cartoon series, and far worse than its not-so-good poster.” – One irate social media commenter.

And in yet the most spit-takey bullshit comment from the director, he still comes across as completely drunk on his own shit-filled Kool-Aid.

“The main storyline of our move is completely different than Disney’s,” he said. “Our goal is to teach children about thinking and innovation.”

What credibility he had is now completely shattered. And if by ‘innovation’ you mean, completely ripping off a great franchise… then yes, you’ve succeeded in destroying any true meaning of that word.

I’m out.

Mic drop.

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