Over 2-tons of fun. The worlds only billet LT block goes full blocks out.


Some of you may remember the worlds only billet LT block on the planet as we reported recently HERE.

Well, the owner got back to us with his secret master plan and just what the hell he planned on doing with his creation. A lot of people gave the owner some flak about using an LS motor or this or that and the owner has a message for everyone of those naysayers, “to hell with ’em”. The dude built what he wants and who the hell are we to really tell him otherwise?

Starting to remember this yet? Here’s a hint…

Mmmm... Square.

Mmmm… Square.

Look familiar? It should. Remember, the owner of the car was the one who also built this damn thing with the help of some talented machinists. If you forget why the owner did this or what the benefits of a billet block are, check out the post we linked above. It’s worth another read.

So, we know you’re dying to know what happened so here’s the car he threw it in….


That’s right folks… that’s over 2-tons of flabby goodness right there. A full sized Chebby Impala that even has the stock front wheels. We’re honestly surprised it doesn’t have curb feelers and isn’t sponsored by Brylcreem (google it, it’s for old people).

And guess what else comes with it?


That’s right… a 10-bolt rear-end. So who cares right? 10-bolts are good for a few hundred ponies… Not like these they ain’t. The owner told us:

Was not able to get the car past 9.2 without cutting the teeth off the ring gear. Don’t want to remove stuff to get the car below 4500 pounds so thinking of CNC’s a ring gear for the ten bolt rear end. I also went ahead and fabbed a 9” housing  that’s ready to go in using all the factory stuff in case I decide not to make the ring gear.

So there you have it, it run’s low 9’s and had the rear-end stayed together and a few tweaks, it would hit 8’s. That’s full stereo, full interior, AC blasting cold and the damn stock rear-end that was birthed with it.


From the outside it’s just an Impala with some slicks, but under the hood is a whole world of hurt just waiting.

The car at that weight is way cooler to be able to run a 8 using the factory 4L60e and ten bolt then a 9” and whatever tranny of your choice. I know a lot of people would say it doesn’t matter but even at 9.2 no one can believe it just did that using a ten bolt.


The interior is as stock as it gets, albeit having to be NHRA legal. The tubes are hidden and can’t be seen from the outside. When the window net is down, no one is the wiser.

It has a NHRA legal 8 point cage, in fact the car is NHRA 8.5 second legal other than the cars weight by being too much. A few pictures as it is for driving on the street and a few where the window net is shown in place, The factory seat belts are still in for normal driving and there are 5 point harnesses for the track. The parachute release is just above the roll cage by the dome light in the center. You can find it by looking for the helmet hook at the same location. The cage hugs the roof liner so you really don’t see it has a cage from the outside unless you are looking for it. It has swing out front bars because it’s a full frame car so it’s legal to do so and you don’t have to climb over the cage to get in the car like most that have a full cage.

Again, big difference with this car is everything works just like it did when it arrived to the dealers showroom. Power leather seats, power windows, cruise control, ABS brakes, Air conditioning and so on.


And just like a double decker couch, there’s room for all your buddies!!


Floor mats, air bags, power leather seats, AC, full carpet and runs low 9’s. Mic Drop.

Natch we had to throw in the obligatory burnout pic.


Thanks to the owner who sent us these pics and was nice enough to update us on his progress.


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