Pics and vids from Street Machine Nationals 2015!

Here’s a video from our friend and master builder Eric Hokenson and Erodz Customs

Want to here what a ls3 powered SLC.rear engine,aluminum frame,low slung badazz,super car sounds like??? Here is a super quick video of just that!!

The SLC ended up with the quickest time of the day at the ‘speed stop’ challenge even with our all-season snow tires really slowing us down. Not too shabby for a brand new build!


Ok, first things first… We need to apologize to a LOT of people…

The Apologies out of the way

Here’s the deal, I was suppose to talk with like 50 people who all requested a chat and I agreed. I truthfully was not ready for what really happened. Previously, at this show that routinely sees 7,000+ cars and crowds of 200,000 or more of spectators and on-lookers, my previous cars would get a brief glance and people would move on. I would get one or two people who wanted to talk and that was that. I was totally free to talk with people at will.

This. *sigh*… this was entirely different. I was not prepared for the onslaught of people wanting to talk. Here’s a good example…

IMG_20150718_105210 DSC_1906

The first pic is pretty representative of what sort of constant crowds were around the car at all times. A minimum of 10-15 people surrounded the car for hours on end. I was overwhelmed with the amount of people who wanted to talk and ask questions. So much so, I made a sign with the top 10 questions and slapped it on the front of the car. That didn’t really help, but it was worth a shot.

What inevitably happened was that I ended up getting out of the car, answering the first 5-10 questions from those who just happened to be there and walked away. I was completely overwhelmed. I had my kids and wife with me and I wanted to make sure they got my attention as well.

Not only that, but this is naturally the worlds hottest weekend of all time and I frankly just don’t do well with heat, I just don’t. Excuses, I know, but still… I’m not good in the heat. The worst part was when the car had a bit of an issue at the AutoX and I’m trying to fix it immediately and people are still coming up to me wanting to talk, the repair required getting my hands up need the exhaust and it hurt like hell. Despite seeing me burning my hands and trying to exact a repair, they still wanted to talk.

Needless to say, I didn’t handle all the attention as best I could and I apologize.

So, I want to say to the people that texted, FB’d and emailed me to get some one-on-one time with me about the car, I’m truly sorry. Those at the show who wanted to talk about the car, I’m also very sorry. I will be more than happy to make it up to you, you know how to get a hold of me. You are more than welcome to stop by the house and get my undivided attention.

Media Day


I happen to be quite lucky and get invited to lots of cool stuff. I got an invite to do the “Media Day” by the people of Family Events, who organize the show. Basically, it means showing up a day before the actual event and looking ‘cool’ for various media outlets, hell even Joe from HorsepowerTV was there for quite a while. It was a neat deal.

Let me explain this photo… and this next one.


See the camera guy and MA Rosko from Channel 9 morning news? Yea, I didn’t get a count down and thought it would be funny to mimic Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights. Well, I’m pretty sure that we were live or something damn close to it because MA Rosko started talking to me while I had my hands up in front of my face. It’s like the 4th or 5th time MA and I have done something like this so we had a pretty good laugh about it. It was too good not to share and then take a “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY HANDS” photo to commemorate the event. heh!

I also stuck around and gave a few rides to other media folk who wanted to see what life was like at full blast around the AutoX course. Always an interesting time! HA!


The man himself, The Robert Byrd from Hotchkis in his natural habitat. Being interviewed by more local media.


Doc Riley waiting his cue to go.


Yours truly looking baller. Zero F’ks given.


Ever wonder how they get burnout video before the actual event? Well, wonder no more. Media day and some poor car who gets flogged without promise of any trophy or prize.



The AutoX was put together by Hotchkis and manned by a number of local AutoX’er faithful who are dedicated to the cause. Man, those guys were awesome. Not only did Hotchkis put on a good AutoX the local SCCA guys were stellar as usual and allowed us to make a ton of runs and a great time was had by all. Our SLC did well and I believe ended up in the top 5 of the event out of 100 or so cars, so not bad.


Yes, that’s was my actual race number. I wish I could have made that up.

Photo Credit to

Photo Credit to


Our friends turbo LS powered Chevelle. Looks good standing still or at full lean!


The Hotchkis boys took quite the liking to the old girl!
Hell, even for their video “Grifter” made a few appearances, even got the closing title screens! YEA BUDDY! Internet famous!


There was a HUGE variety of cars that showed up and that’s totally awesome. Ryan Buck’s Nova II set the fastest AVERAGE time of the weekend which won him some seriously awesome hardware.


Our friend Sheryl won ‘fastest lady’ both days and took him 2 wicked pieces of hardware in her turbo LS Chevelle!


Yes, the ambulance made an AutoX run and it was exactly as hilarious as you imagined it would be. It ran a 90-second flat run… The best time of the weekend was seconds, just to put that in perspective.

The show

11745811_10155751200455702_8942266960847588137_nThe show itself is always completely nuts. Tons of people going in a million directions, slow processions of cars and pedestrians EVERYWHERE. If you are a spectator, you can go whole blocks and see pretty much ANYTHING of any type of car. It really is spectacular in the variety. This is really the only ‘car show’ we attend and that should tell you something.



Ok, I had to take this picture, it was too funny not to. I was a day early for the show and worried no one would show up!


10520815_10206884155203270_148940916659646115_nOur friends at TPIS are always super nice to us. This year I felt like really should help out. I jumped in and helped cook meals with “Bob”… whom may or may not be our secret mole “Bob” who travels the world in Playboy like fashion. We’ll never tell. Go ahead. Torture us. We won’t talk.


The show for me is about reconnecting with friends, meeting new ones and establishing yourself among fellow gear heads. We can’t walk a block without running into 5 people that we just have to talk to and that’s a pure joy. It’s one of my favorite things of the show honestly. Where else am I going to meet all my friends in ONE place and have nothing to do but chat cars? Exactly.

The show, the races, the cars… All pointless if you don’t have someone to share it with. I’m lucky, I have LOTS of people to share it with and that is really amazing.


In closing, 10/10 would car show again.

See you next year!



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