Project “Grifter” – GHD’s new project!


We at GHD would like to announce our exciting new project we are calling “Grifter”. What specifically is this car you might ask? Well, take a knee and let me lay it down for you.

Grifter is a Race Car Replica’s (RCR) – SLC or Super Lite Car. Most might call this a “kit car” but this is so far from the truth that it almost hurts. What it is, is a monocoque designed super car that is street legal and the closest thing that you or I will ever get to owning a Daytona Prototype race car.


We recently took delivery of our RCR SLC. The car is shipped from Michigan after you supply tires and make a few key choices in what you want; exterior gel coat color, wheel choice and color, other options such as street/race tail, brakes, external mods…etc..


This car sports a mid-engine design utilizing a transaxle for the gearbox and a fiberglass shell. Ours is planned to be a 50/50 street/race car. It comes with AC and heat as standard part of the kit so year round driving is possible.

lrg-2085-img_20140831_175021 lrg-2084-img_20140831_173348

We’ve already started thrashing on the car with some heat and sound deadening material. We’ll keep you posted as things progress!

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