Project “War Venom” gets sent out to stud with new rims!


Ok, maybe that’s a bit of stretch here, but the comparison to a dedicated race-horse isn’t that far off here. This particular Viper that we have in our shop started out life as pretty much a race-only thoroughbred racecar. Now, it’s been given a chance to go out to stud, so to speak, and don a street costume and masquerade around like a massive football player once retired looks in a custom made oversized suit. You can usually tell by the size 85 jacket where multiple cotton factories had to be shut down due to it’s ridiculous yards of fabric.

Regardless, of horrible metaphors, “War Venom” is getting some changes and because we want to cruise this car, we needed to pull some of the less than comfortable pieces out.

33 12107997_10156131368635702_1344900620676625576_n Attach01 23434 Attach05The decision was made to gut the entire roll cage as it was all entirely too obtrusive. We tried to save the main hoop but it really just got in the way more than it would have aided safety.

One of the issues with the Viper is that it’s mostly fiberglass. So finding a spot to weld a cage to is a bit of a challenge. This cage that we pulled out was bolted in and then welded together, which we didn’t really like. There’s really not a ton of room in the cab for a cage to fit behind the seats so it makes sense that this was their option, but I wasn’t too thrilled about it, so it came out. The sawzall was spittin’ some sparks and heat but it all came out in good time. My hands are still a bit sore.

AANext came the wrap of the car. Why? Because it was a race car and despite it only have 10,000 original miles, the paint was crap. Inside and out, it was crap. I’ve always wanted to do a Matte black car and painting is just not my forte. So a wrap was decided. Yes, I’m fully aware of plasti-dip. I didn’t want to do it and wanted to try the wrap for myself.

If you have followed along, we posted a fully comprehensive “how-to” on wrapping a car recently from our friend Mark. Go ahead, look it up… We dare you.

5Wrapping a car is fairly hard work. We kept looking for videos and how-to’s and the single most common thing that came up was, “oh wrapping a car is not hard… unless your wrapping something like a VIPER”. I kid you not, that phrase or something similar came up MULTIPLE times. So, yay! Ugh.

6 Attach03 A 2To be honest, I started getting the hang of this. It wasn’t pretty at first, but once you get the techniques down, it’s not so bad. You’ll have seams, get over it, that’s what I learned. Oh and that Archer Racing sticker? it had to get sanded off, which is kind of sad because those guys really know what they are doing with a Viper. Remember? Racecar!

44 Attach0The roof was next and while it didn’t like hard, it’s got a fair amount of curves on it.

234We found some original replacement seats. Not too shabby considering they are 20 years old. We also had a ton of interior parts delivered so that the interior could be livable once again. More on that as we progress.

AAAAThe old tires and rims were just that… Old and shot. So in the biggest moment of pure giddiness we ordered a set of GA3R-6 Forgeline wheels in Matte black and “black pearl” outers… Mother. Of. God. These things are GORGEOUS! They are really going to make the wrap pop like cray-cray-y0!

4 7We wrapped them in 315/30/18 Falken 615 tires on all four corners, so that’s a lotta rubber meeting the road!

Kind of a bummer that winter is here, but we’ll keep on keepin’ on.

Until next time. We’re rooting for you.

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