Project War Venom is back on the road!


So, it’s been a while since there’s been an update, but that’s because well… I’m busy. Got stuff. Yes, stuff and things to do! Also, the weather has been cold lately and snow doesn’t really make for good car weather. Regardless, the wife helped me bleed the brakes, she had to get on her “dirty cloths”. I tried explaining that she had the “clean job” of working the brake pedal, but she was having none of that. Oh well, didn’t stop me from take a drive, with out the hood. Got some interesting looks, oh well. Don’t care, drove Viper.

R2LYV01I was able to get all the Baer Brakes on the car and mount the Forgeline wheels on BOOOOOYYY HOWDY! Do they look good! Mmmhhhmmm!!

Viper in its natural pose, marking its territory.

8ppBzwcGratuitous wheel/money shot.

cLJuUHYDrove it over to a friends shop (Sharadon Performance) on an extended test drive and noticed I didn’t quite fit in with the local crowd…. I guess I’m used to being the “slow guy”. No real change here.

IeV7uWDAnd as you can tell from the opening shot, I gave my son a ride to school in the multi-colored Viper, hopefully I bought him some street cred with his friends. He seemed pretty happy as I’m sure you can tell.

I also took the wife out because she wasn’t super keen on the car, she kept lamenting and saying how much better the SLC was compared to the Viper. “It smells bad” she kept saying, I refrained from obvious retort of “YOU SMELL BAD!” but felt that to be a wee-bit childish of me…  but the comfort of the ride helped her along the change process. As with life, all things change.

1002214_10156602792455702_22256929995038020_nShe even turned around and took this picture of the car when we went shopping. Hey, like the old saying goes… if you don’t stop and turn around to look at your car… You bought the wrong car. I know it looks pretty dopey with the wrap unfinished, but soon it will be and will be at least %10 less dopey.

12832551_10156585431335702_8150809906743662951_nI was able to lay down some of the gloss stripes I had a friend Montana Strait (yes, that’s his real name) make for me, he also made the numbers on the side too in matte white/black combo and they look bitchin! Anyone spot the 1998 Le Mans Viper scheme I was going for? Looks pretty cool to me and the gloss stripes I think add a little hint of fun to it too so its not all matte black. I moved the stripes in from the stock location and widened them 2″ on both sides. Sorry folks, ’bout nothing on this car is OEM any more so why should the stripes?

12919665_10156683037685702_3193182671986145553_nNow that the car has an interior its earned its right to be called a “grocery getter”. Albeit, small loads at a time, I still made it home with all the groceries intact.

As many of you know, the motor that is in this car has barely 700 miles on it and I’ve personally put 100 on it so the motor is up to the task.

Next steps are to finish the wrap, rebleed the brakes for good measure and then take it to it’s first AutoX at the end of the month of April! BOOM!

Catcha on the flip side 🙂

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