RCR SLC – Grifter updates! Electronics and pre-flight checks!



For cereal people, we’ve been doing some serious wiring on the car recently and hot damn is this stuff really coming together. You know that moment when all the hard work and dedication come together and the work is done and it’s time to throw the switch? That moment of joy and panic?
Yea, that was me. But mostly panic.

I’ve heard that computers run on smoke and if you let it out, the computers don’t run no more. So I was very careful to keep all said smoke inside the eletronical thingies.


We went systematically line by line of all the wires before hooking up the OPTIMA Battery. But, when we did, things came to life! Lights were coming on, the Infinity Power system did it’s pre-flight checks and powered up all on it’s own… STUFF WAS HAPPENING!

The STACK 8130 unit flicked on and we knew stuff was going down hardcore!


After a good while we turned our focus onto finishing up the heat/sound deadening material. Word to the wise, that stuff is SHARP. When people say blood-sweat and tears, we literally shed some serious DNA on this car. And once this thing gets moving, it will all be worth it. We’ve already gotten invitations from the local Cars and Coffee Chapter so things must be moving in a good direction!


More pre-start up checks, tires can easily rip open hoses without missing a beat so the AC/coolant lines were snuggly held back with the ever-present zip-tie. We had at least 1/2″ of clearance all the way around and when the car is on the ground, the tire will be even further away, we were happy with this result.


Since the Superlite Coupe doesn’t have rear-window, we bought this rearview camera and LCD monitor setup on recommendations from a friend who does high-end custom stereo installs. Hey, if he says it’s good, it’s probably good.


Finally, all fluids have been acquired and are on their way in the car!


I got Fluids y0!

The moment of truth came when the first drop of fluids enters the car.

Did I tighten every clamp?

Is every hose hooked up securely?

I’d really hate to dump all this expensive fluid on the ground and buy it again!

Thankfully, we had one minor leak that was easily fixed. The nice thing about the LS376 Crate is that it’s already been built and tested to be leak free! One less thing to worry about.

And that’s a good thing….

Till next time!

*Hint… we already tested the fuel pumps and starter motor engagement… it works!*

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