Requiem for an SLC – “Grifter” gets a new home


Preface: I apologize I haven’t posted much lately, many many things have been happening but I’m back and with a boat load of updates! Thanks for hanging with me folks! 🙂

The first rule of car ownership is never get attached to your car. I know a few of you are probably throwing things at your computer monitor at this moment or threw your phone across the bathroom floor (while pooping, i get it), but if never get attached, then when stuff goes wrong, it’s easier to move on.

Many of you have asked, “What the hell man!? You just finished the car, why are selling it?” and “I can’t believe you’d sell that car, all that work!”. Yep, all true. For many, my decision doesn’t make a lot of sense. That is if you view the process from the outside, without first hand knowledge. Things happen, times change and you (I) have to roll with the winds of change.

Selling the car was one of those moments and it was time to focus on family. Some of you will understand that family has to come first at all times, and as my family grows, so must I. Their needs are changing and I have to adapt to be the man of the family.

Does this mean that I will never have a fun car? Oh hells to the no, bruh! That’s built into the plan already! So let me recount the story…

I put the car up for sale, I get a fair amount of interest and a lot of tire kickers and people offering me $20,000 less than my asking price, “BUT IT’S CASH MAN!! DON’T YOU GET IT?!?!”

I put out there that I’m willing to entertain trades… fine. Figured I might get something fun in the process. Got a few ‘interesting’ trade offers, a few race cars and trucks and things, but I’m trying to get away from the whole ‘race-car-supercar’ thing. Then, I get an offer for two cars, a 1979 Porsche 911 turbo, widebody, slantnose (giggity) and a track ready 1997 Viper GTS (giggity-giggity!).

Lots of emails and phone calls later, we set up the time/place to do the deal.

12042749_10156111448385702_4734042903570297884_nHere she is the night before she went to her new owner. I took it for one last drive and made a video, not sure if I’ll post it up, maybe… maybe not. We’ll see.

Attach0Here we are at our meeting location, discreet so no one can hear you scream sorta place. The other guy and I eye start eye-balling our new toys and immediately start nit-picking the hell out of each others cars. I won’t say much more than that, but it was tense for a bit and I’m glad I brought a friend to help me out and keep things cool and level headed.

Attach078Here’s my two new toys. This is how a car collection is started… Just sayin’!

Attach02I’ll be honest, the Porsche was not pretty in pictures but holy-hell did it look good in person. But more on that later.

Attach01After the grumblings and gripes were over, we eventually did the deal and I drove the 911 while my buddy drove our haulin’ rig. I have to say that after a few miles, the 911 really started to grow on me. It was so much damn fun, I almost hated to put it up for sale when I got home. It’s tiny, but feels really spacious on the inside, probably from not having a transmission tunnel running through the middle. Either way, it was nimble, quick and when the turbo kicked in and you shifted gears it made a very satisfying PSSSHHHT noise. I kinda loved it frankly.

Attach0111It was late that night so I parked both cars and waited until the next day to really check out my haul. I gotta admit, waking up and see these two little beauts in my garage was the closest thing to the perfect present any car guy could want. A vintage 911 and a V10 Viper?! COME ON!

Attach00So let’s start with the 911. I ran the VIN before I took delivery and since I know exactly jack-squat about Porsches, I started digging. Turns out that the slant nose option wasn’t a factory thing until 1985, so I knew it wasn’t real. Fine, doesn’t bother me frankly, it was all steel and looked gorgeous. The wife came out and said she loved it and told me not to sell it, despite giving me the massive eye-roll and the youdidwhat?!? look when I told her about the deal. This Porsche has 83,000 original miles but that’s about all that’s original on the car.

It is a standard Karmann 911 from 1979 (which I found later, not many 1979’s were produced) and it was #54 off the line that year in Germany. Now, all turbo wide bodies of that era were deemed to be ‘930’s’ not 911’s. So, from the VIN, this is not a 930 so at some point in it’s life, it was converted to a widebody turbo car. Also interestingly, the car had a lot of 930 parts on it, brakes for example (and they stop every so sweetly I might add).


The original 911 motor was scrapped and installed a 930 turbo motor of that day, which the previous owner blew up and installed the current motor/trans combo of a 1996 3.6L turbo and G50/05 combination (i checked the tags on both the motor and trans to confirm). The car came with a super sexy set of Fikse wheels and that’s it. Virtually ZERO documentation and one key. Bingo-bango… that’s it.


Attach04The interior was very clean I might add. The dash was clean, no cracks, had the correct gauges and even smelled that old vintage-old-car smell… You know, the musty yet not completely unfamiliar aroma of ‘cool’.

And driving it was damn cool. I really felt like I should have bought some leather driving gloves, but that would have been too much ‘cool’ for one guy to handle.

The seats were MOMO and I fit just fine but clearly meant for a svelte individual and it’s a good thing I’m this sexy otherwise I wouldn’t have fit in the car.

Attach05The car does have AC but the compressor was missing the and the previous owner forgot it so I have to wait for him to ship it to me.

12187805_10156123145435702_1196798305388999069_nWithin 24 hours I had the car posted and was literally BOMBARDED with people asking for it. And as such, a guy near by happened to be a Porsche guy, hell he pulled up to my driveway with a 2012 911 Turbo! He bought it on the spot and that was literally that.

The running joke is now, “Dear, do you remember when we owned a classic Porsche?”… looks fondly off into the distance… “those were the days, weren’t they hun?”. Literally, two days. I took a nice picture *see above* to at least have proof that I had it, even if for a short time.

Ok, enough about things I don’t own anymore… On to the Viper.


Long and short of things, the wife said I could still have a ‘toy’. So why not a Viper? I mean, I’ve ALWAYS wanted a Viper and now I do! This particular Viper has 10,645 original miles (20 of those I put on myself!) and as the story goes (who the hell really knows, but this is what I was told) this Viper was owned by someone at Chrylser/Dodge who used it originally to test engines and then threw a brand new V10 in it when he sold it to the next guy. As the tale has been told to me, this engine has less than 1,000 total miles on it. Which, based on condition I can see, it might be true.

The motor looks like it doesn’t have any work done to it minus some straight intake tubes so I would guess it to be pretty stock. However, that said… a Viper V10 with the help of Lamborghini created one hell of a torque monster. I started it out in 3rd just for fun and took off like a bat of of H-E-Double toothpicks.

The tires are shot on this as it’s been sitting for many… many years, but that’s minor. Tires are easy to fix. There were two codes stored which was throwing an MIL, but both easily fixed and already cleared.

Attach06I’ll just be honest here, the body sucks. It’s rough and you can tell it was a race car pretty much it’s entire life. Someone at some point hit the tire wall and rather than buff out the rubber on the fenders, just painted over it and frankly, looks like a 3rd grader did it because it’s painfully obvious it’s still there and someone tried to cover it up. Insert massive eye-roll and grunting.

However, no panels are broken and it does have a lift-off fiberglass heat-extractor hood, so that’s all well and good. Lexan windows front and back, and does not have ANY interior, i’m not joking. Nothing.

Attach011Yep, there it is… in all her glory. It does have side exhaust, which for the Gen II Viper, is a big deal because that wasn’t a factory thing. I love side pipes… My last 2, now 3 cars have had side exhaust. Haaaaaaawwwtt.

12212402_10156127536810702_1955800246_nSo, with the magic of MSPaint, I’ve drawn up a plan! The red-stars are cage bits that need to be removed and the yellow line is a bar that will need to be straight (not curved like the pic suggests) and have a plate installed on the floor. This will leave me with a basic roll-bar and not this massive intrusive roll-cage that I have no need for. Daddy needs AC!!

The winter will probably be me sourcing interior parts. We’ll see.

11921604_10156122237090702_128529136040763882_nLooks damn close to 10,000 miles, huh? This Viper has Moton coil overs and my good it feels good going down the road. Just look at that engine tho… JUST LOOK AT IT! Sex on wheels.

1611014_10156122237085702_3989173573953647405_nIn the trunk (or what’s left of it) is more Moton coil over bits, an external fuel pump and a differential cooler with fan. It came with a quick change rear-end as well. This probably was a serious car in it’s day. Now that it’s mine, I have other plans… MUUUHAHAHAH!!!

12065954_10156128713385702_6438565876940247484_nI’ve removed the front badge as a sign of things to come…

12187647_10156128854820702_9033307373449931375_nThe flash lines on the hood are sanded down… (this car used to be red and yellow, so incredibly hideous on so many levels). I’m looking into wrapping the car myself, so that’ll be a new endeavor.

But for now, I’m just going to stare at it and let winter take it’s icy grip on my car hobby. *sad face*

Plans and things are going to come of this Viper! Thanks for sticking around and making it through to get caught up in the car saga! 🙂

tl;drSold the SLC, traded it for two cars. Going to keep the Viper, have fun with it. Remove the SCCA cage and rework it for the street. Wrap the car instead of painting and terrorize the neighborhood. Not necessarily in that order.


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  1. Matt

    I would love to see you keep the door bars as-is, the cage appears to be very well built currently and it’d be a shame to see them cut out for something less purposeful. I understand that they might be a hindrance on the street, but we’re talking about a stripped-out racecar with lexan windows, I’m betting that you’ll find some larger annoyances than having to climb over door bars when you get in 🙂

  2. Matt

    Better yet, get it cleaned up and fix other minor issues, then see about selling it for a car that is cageless and still has AC, I bet you could even come out money-ahead.

    • Eric

      Here’s the problem… It’s built EXACTLY the way I want it mechanically. Throw a few bucks at a minimal interior, AC parts and it’s exactly the car I’d want as a nasty street/daily driver. Besides… 10k actual miles!!!

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