Riddler Award goes to up and coming new star of the automotive world!


Hey, we want to give a shout out to our friend Rodney Prouty who helped us get these photos of the 2015 Riddler Award winning Chevrolet Impala.


He was the first to break the news on the web of this literally unknown rising star in the automotive world. Completely out of left field where no one saw this coming was a builder living in the shadows of the customizing field and we for one really want to recognize the hard work and dedication for breaking into the field!

Some of you may not be familiar with the name Chet Foosh but let me tell you brother, if this cat continues his run of builds like these, you may just be seeing this dude’s fame on the rise!

11025777_10206092320497476_9182231128970270995_n 11025767_10206092321777508_7874224825807151378_n

To break into the car world, Chet has really given himself quite a platform to start from. The Impala from yesteryear was a grocery getter at best, but Foosh knew better. He saw the vision and quality that really could be had.


Starting with almost zero automotive background to such a stunning vehicle has projected Chester into ‘one to watch’ for 2015. Let’s all hope that his next project, if he does one that is, (you know how these fickle car guys are) is a homerun just like this one… Hell, we’ll even settle for a double or an RBI.

Good luck to you in the future Carl!


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