Ronald Regan Missile Site, Cooperstown ND – PHOTO DUMP


Roving reporter and general ‘cool stuff’ enthusiast mole ‘Bob’ recently sent us some reconnaissance photos from the Ronald Regan Missile site in Cooperstown North Dakota.

If you’re planning a raid or something, we suggest you brush up on your impressions of Regan demanding, “Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall!”

For reals though, the time warp is pretty surreal… A corded phone? Floppy disk drives? What is this, the stone age?!

DSC04374 DSC04372 DSC04371 DSC04370 DSC04369 DSC04368 DSC04367 DSC04366 DSC04365 DSC04364 DSC04363 DSC04360 DSC04359 DSC04358 DSC04355 DSC04354 DSC04353 DSC04350 DSC04349 DSC04348 DSC04346 DSC04345 DSC04344 DSC04343 DSC04342 DSC04341 DSC04340 DSC04339 DSC04338


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