Saab Story: A 900 Turbo that goes out with a wheez


1991 Saab 900 Turbo

This car was originally purchased to be reliable, affordable, basic, transportation.  But being a car guy…. nothing stays stock.
The Saab has since moved on to new ownership, but when I purchased it there was 284,000 miles on the clock.  It ran like a top, and drove well too.  Sure, it was rusty and crusty around the edges, and it leaked, but it was a reliable machine.
saab-01  saab-06
First thing that was addressed was the stance.  I was on a budget and there were no lowering springs that dropped the car as low as I wanted to go.  I did the next best thing and cut the springs.
Then to complete the Hoodride look I grabbed some doors and a hood from a donor 900 Turbo.  The replacement panels were way less rusty, and they were a different color.  A friend gave me an official set of Sabb rear window louvers, and then I made a roof rack out of Thule load bars and an old pallet.
Inside I recovered the sagging fabric on the headliner and door cards with some patterend material I stole from my parents craft closet.
It was a fun ride while it lasted.

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  1. Los Pedales

    I love this car. i am leaving my wife for this car. oh wait, I have one. Currently running an 86 900 Turbot. Will only run a Saab until it becomes impossible or I die.

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