The 48 hour Corvette! Ride Tech Strikes again!


First there was the 48 hour Camaro and now Ride Tech is doing it again.

If you missed the first iteration of the 48-hour car build, which was the Camaro, then you’ll get a really awesome treat. Ride tech is planning on publishing their entire build LIVE on their website Ride Tech 48 Hour Corvette. That’s right, they will bring in a fully running and driving car, completely dismantle it and make it a race-worthy pro-touring beast in under 48 hours. Bret Voelkel never pulls a half assed job and this is no exception.

To do such a job, you need the big boys and Bret called them all in. Centerforce Clutches, Holley, Ride Tech, Falken, Lingenfelter, Baer, MSD, Vintage Air, American Autowire, OPTIMA… the list really just keeps going of the who’s who list in the 48 hour Corvette build.

If you remember the 48 Camaro that Ride Tech embarked on, you’ll remember they not only completed the job and beat the living hell out of the car for several years at race events.

Now, if we could get one or two of our friends to come over and at least help sweep that would be great… You know who you are… BRAD!

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