The latest RCR SLC “Grifter” updates!


Ok, so frankly it just looks like I’m sitting there making race car noises… So mostly I am, but this part was important to fit the seats, find out where the pedals need to be, how much room I have with my helmet on and angle of the seat for the most optimal driving position. I’m 6’1 and roughly 200lbs so a lot of cars don’t fit me right. This one seems to have enough leg room for me to completely straighten my legs out, which is a good thing. I won’t have to contort my body to drive it like I’ve had to do in the past.

Since then, I’ve been quite busy. The problem is that my style of building is rather sporadic. I get going on a project, either get distracted or lose interest and move on to something else. That said, it may look like a lot of chaos with no rhyme or reason to things, but in all actuality, it seems to work out pretty well.

What happens is that the project looks like a mess and then suddenly in giant fell-swoop, things literally FLY onto the car. As is the case here. I’ve been tinkering with probably 5 different projects all at once and they’ve come together to be installed in one night.

The seats, e-brake lever, steering wheel and pedals have been mocked up for placement.


The AC unit has been placed into the dash.

The e-brake assemblies have been installed and are ready to rock.

I’ve managed to get one side of lights to fight right with a lot of fiddling with a drill nibbler/grinder attachment. Now, getting those plastic nubs to fit properly… that’s another story.

Getting the holes just right took a lot of trimming and finesse to get right. I took my time doing this so the fit was as good as it can be.

Finally, I figured out the right combination to get rid of the packing tape residue.
Liberal amounts of goof-off, let sit for an hour or more, scrape off with plastic razor repeat if necessary. This was a HUGE deal to me as I was worried that the tape was going to be a much bigger deal than it is now. I’m much happier.

Until next update! See you fellas on the flip side!


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