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You gotta Corvette and think it’s too slow? Well step right up buddy because lemme tell ya about Boos Performance in Zimmerman Minnesota.

“I can do this stuff in my sleep” John really wanted to use a potty word, but he might have to contribute to the swear jar.

Gearhead Daily took a little jaunt up to Boos’ Corvette farm to his new place and check out his operation since he moved to a more ‘scenic’ locale. Scenic is the word because his place over looks a big-assed lake and has lots of sprawling tree littered hills. Hell, even the locals have taken a shine to him, considering that not everyone would want a constant stream of beautiful cars driving by their house every day at full exhaust note. If there people like that out there in the world, I’m not sure I want to know who they are. I don’t need that kind of negativity.

Despite that John Boos has built a solid reputation of being the “Corvette” guy. If it’s related to a Corvette or just plain going fast, Boos is your man.

You might remember we did a little piece on John winning the $10,000 grand prize beating out a Formula car in his race-ready C5 at Brainerd International Raceway last year. Not a bad days work, I’d say! If you don’t remember, Click here for a little reminder!

11260576_10155484458340702_7220171225966989672_nPictured above is the C5 that John won his ten-g’s. He tells us its a full carbon fiber body (minus the front fenders) thats sprayed a “race car” level of paint and beats the living piss out of it. We have to think that John might have a few things figured out about going fast, dontcha think?

11214159_10155484458425702_8067218971425534919_nJohn had this NASA car in his shop and was doing some regular maintenance on it when we arrived.

10407569_10155484458455702_5123876585081784994_nNew or old, Vette’s have been Boos’ bread and butter. He’s built a reputation on building “shit that doesn’t break” as he put it and slyly put a quarter in the swear jar.

To get your ‘Vette up to snuff and running with the big dawgs, contact John over at his website!

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  1. Shmitty

    Since John has moved to the neighborhood he has single handedly covertend the neiborhood in to a corvette neiborhood with 4 corvettes being bought do to him

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