You know what? Screw this cone. Screw this particular cone!

We recently took our RCR SLC Superlite Coupe to Road America, competed in the OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Challenge and blasted around the track at wide open throttle. There were 3 events, Stop Box, Road Course and AutoX. The car did awesome on the road course and really felt at home on the longer track.

Unfortunately, wee had a hard drive failure and lost our videos. Until we can recover it, watch the wife’s video of our run at the “STOP BOX”.

Her exact words afterwards, “I knew you’d blow right through the cones, I know you and I know how you drive… I saw that coming”.

If we all could have such a supportive spouse… Har har har…

Anyways, enjoy our smokey attempt at the Stop Box, locking up all 4 wheels on the only two braking points on the whole course… Joy.

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