AUCTION: 2012 Dodge Challenger Nationwide NASCAR

Has Mopar R5P7 V8 Under The Hood...

If you’re into racing history and seeking a thrilling addition to your collection, there’s an exciting opportunity on A 2012 Dodge Challenger Nationwide NASCAR race car is currently up for auction, boasting a fascinating pedigree and track-ready features.

This Challenger race car has quite the story behind it. Originally utilized by Penske Racing in the NASCAR Nationwide Series in 2012, it’s powered by a potent Mopar R5P7 358 cubic-inch V8 engine paired with a Tex Racing four-speed manual transmission. The powertrain received a refresh in 2023, ensuring peak performance.

2012 Dodge Challenger Nationwide Car. (BringATrailer).

This Challenger, freshly adorned with a Detroit Genuine Parts-themed vinyl wrap applied in early 2024, showcases a striking appearance on the track. It has a roll cage, quick-release steering wheel, fixed bucket seat, fire suppression system, and all the essentials for a safe and exhilarating racing experience.

Designed for road courses, this Challenger hasn’t seen track action since its powertrain refresh and vinyl wrap replacement. Now offered on dealer consignment in Michigan with a bill of sale, it presents a unique opportunity for racing enthusiasts to own a piece of NASCAR history.

2012 Dodge Challenger Nationwide Car. (BringATrailer).

With its ORTEC tube-frame chassis and distinctive blue vinyl wrap adorned with #12 Detroit Genuine Parts livery, this Challenger stands out on the track. It sports Lexan windows, an adjustable rear spoiler, wind strakes, and side-exit exhaust pipes, embodying the spirit of NASCAR racing.

Underneath, black-finished Aero 15-inch wheels are fitted with Goodyear Eagle racing slicks, providing optimal grip on the tarmac. The four-wheel disc brakes and road-course-tuned suspension ensure precise handling and control through every corner.

2012 Dodge Challenger Nationwide Car. (BringATrailer).

You’ll find a well-equipped racing environment inside the cockpit, painted white for enhanced visibility. A roll cage, window net, and fire-suppression system prioritize safety, while a ButlerBuilt bucket seat and Schroth Racing harness offer secure seating for the driver.

The cockpit features toggle switches, keyless ignition, and AutoMeter instrumentation, including a TRD-branded tachometer and gauges for vital engine parameters. Powering this beast is an 800-horsepower carbureted 358 cubic-inch V8 engine, delivering thrilling performance on the track.

2012 Dodge Challenger Nationwide Car. (BringATrailer).

Paired with a Tex Racing Toploader four-speed manual transmission and solid rear axle, this Challenger offers a true racing experience reminiscent of its NASCAR days.

If you’re in the market for a piece of NASCAR history ready to hit the track, don’t miss your chance to bid on this 2012 Dodge Challenger Nationwide NASCAR. Bidding ends on Monday, June 3 at 3:19 p.m. EDT, so act fast to secure this adrenaline-pumping racer for your collection.