Unveiling the Sinister: Ford Bronco Raptor’s Black Appearance Package

On an extraordinary day marked by the dramatic total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, Ford introduced a striking new option for one of its most rugged vehicles. The debut of the Bronco Raptor Black Appearance Package took place at the Bronco Off-Roadeo in Austin, Texas, under the shadowy veil of the eclipse, in front of an excited crowd of 150 Bronco owners.

Stylishly Dark

The new Black Appearance Package enhances the Bronco Raptor with a collection of design elements in Shadow and Matte black, emphasizing a bold contrast that matches the vehicle’s extreme capabilities. The package includes a Shadow Black painted roof, mirror caps, roll bar, and fender flares, all carefully chosen to set off the Raptor’s vibrant color palette. Additionally, the package boasts a Matte Black steel bumper, skid plate, and tow hooks, further asserting the vehicle’s aggressive stance.

This design not only echoes the heritage-inspired aesthetics of the sixth-generation concept Bronco SUVs but also responds to current customer trends, as some Bronco Raptor owners have taken to customizing their skid plates with black paint. The decision to include these elements in the Black Appearance Package illustrates Ford’s commitment to aligning with customer preferences and trends in vehicle customization.

Performance Meets Panache

Priced at $4,995, this package isn’t just about looks. The Bronco Raptor remains a Baja 1000 winner, meaning it doesn’t sacrifice any of its renowned off-road capability for style. Unique Raptor body-side and hood decals complete the look, making the Black Appearance Package a must-have for those who prioritize both performance and aesthetics in their off-road adventures.

“Customers choose Bronco Raptor for two reasons: its high-performance off-road capability and its distinctive appearance. The Black Appearance gives them a look that stands out on any trail and under any sky, even a total solar eclipse.”

-Jason Hyde, Bronco Brand Manager

A Dark Companion to the Vibrant Code Orange

The Black Appearance Package follows the 2023 introduction of the vibrant Code Orange package, providing an alternative for customers who prefer a more understated, yet equally striking look. This addition ensures that Bronco Raptor owners have a variety of options to personalize their vehicles, catering to a broad spectrum of tastes and styles.

Ford’s latest offering underlines the unique blend of extreme desert capability and standout styling that only a Bronco can deliver. With the Black Appearance Package, the Bronco Raptor not only promises to conquer challenging terrains but also to do so with an unmatched style that’s as memorable as the eclipse under which it was unveiled.