Ford Philanthropy: Driving Forward With a New Name and a Rich Legacy

Ford Reaching Out To Help Various Members Of The Community...

Ford and its philanthropic arm Ford Fund, in collaboration with Health in the Hood and World Central Kitchen launch an eight-week program to deliver 5,000 fresh meals to families in the Miami-Dade County to provide additional access to healthy foods (Ford)

Ford Motor Company Fund, now rebranded as Ford Philanthropy, continues to embody the spirit of community and corporate responsibility that has been a hallmark of Ford since its founding. With an impressive legacy spanning 75 years and philanthropic contributions totaling $2.3 billion since 1949, Ford Philanthropy is dedicated to making meaningful impacts in communities worldwide.

A Legacy of Impact – 

The Ford Motor Company Fund, established in 1949, has been at the forefront of corporate philanthropy, developing programs that enhance educational opportunities, promote safe driving, support community life, and encourage employee volunteering. As it steps into the future with its new identity as Ford Philanthropy, it carries forward a robust tradition of community service and innovation in corporate giving.

FFord Philanthropy with Health in the Hood and World Central Kitchen launch an eight-week program to deliver 5,000 fresh meals to families. (Ford).

Continued Commitment to Communities – 

Under the new banner of Ford Philanthropy, the organization reaffirms its commitment to investing in community-specific solutions that foster a brighter, more sustainable future. Despite the change in name, the essence of its mission remains intact—leveraging Ford’s expertise in mobility to increase access to essential services, bolster educational initiatives, and foster entrepreneurship.

Strategic Initiatives and Impact – 

  • Education and Workforce Development: Ford Philanthropy heavily invests in educational programs tailored to prepare the youth for future careers, particularly in mobility and technology fields, aligning with the evolving market demands.
  • Community Engagement and Disaster Relief: The fund has been instrumental in providing immediate aid and long-term support to communities affected by natural disasters, helping them rebuild and recover with resilience.
  • Health and Nutrition: Initiatives like mobile food pantries and community gardens are part of Ford Philanthropy’s efforts to address food insecurity and promote health and wellness in underserved communities.
Ford Philanthropy, is extending their 18-year commitment to improving teen driving skills. (Ford).

Celebrating Recent Achievements – 

The recent release of Ford Philanthropy’s annual Impact Report showcases the breadth of its contributions over the past year:

  • Financial Contributions: A combined effort by Ford Motor Company and Ford Philanthropy has led to $73.7 million in donations, underscoring their ongoing dedication to philanthropic endeavors.
  • Global Reach: The initiatives have directly impacted 3.5 million people, demonstrating the extensive reach of their programs across various sectors.
  • Partnerships and Collaboration: Ford Philanthropy has fostered a collaborative approach to addressing complex community challenges by working with 470 nonprofits and community organizations.
  • Volunteerism: Ford employees worldwide have contributed 55,000 volunteer hours, reflecting the company’s culture of service and community engagement.

A Future Built on Historical Foundations – 

Mary Culler, President of Ford Philanthropy, emphasizes that the rebranding honors its rich history while more accurately reflecting its mission to drive societal progress. The strategic focus remains on building equity and supporting community advancement through innovative solutions and partnerships.

Ford Philanthropy is more than just a philanthropic organization; it is a pivotal element of Ford’s broader commitment to creating a better world through thoughtful, impactful community engagement. As it looks to the future, Ford Philanthropy continues to embody the spirit of innovation and compassion that has defined Ford’s contributions to society for nearly a century.