Ford Revolutionizing Manufacturing For A Greener Future

Ford's Electrification Efforts and Manufacturing Advancements...

Ford BlueOval Battery Park in Marshall, Michigan. (Ford).

In the race towards electrification, Ford Motor Company is not just keeping pace; it’s leading the charge. With a firm commitment to sustainable mobility, Ford is revolutionizing its manufacturing processes to bring forth a new era of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids. Let’s dive into the latest developments at Ford’s key manufacturing facilities, where the future is being built, one innovation at a time.

Oakville Assembly Plant, Ontario, Canada –

Ford’s Oakville Assembly Plant is undergoing a remarkable transformation from a traditional gas vehicle assembly plant to an advanced EV manufacturing complex. While this overhaul was initially slated to commence in the second quarter, Ford has decided to re-time the launch of its all-new three-row electric vehicles to 2027 from 2025. This decision allows Ford to align with the evolving market demand for three-row EVs and leverage emerging battery technologies for enhanced durability and value. Despite the delay, Ford remains committed to its Canadian workforce and is collaborating with Unifor to mitigate any impacts on its employees.

BlueOval City Campus, Tennessee, USA –

Ford BlueOval™ City Plant in Staton, Tennessee. (Ford).

At the heart of Ford’s EV revolution is the BlueOval City campus, a state-of-the-art auto production complex in Tennessee. Central to this campus is the Tennessee Electric Vehicle Center assembly plant, where preparations are underway for the introduction of Ford’s next-generation electric truck in 2026. This facility will not only feature advanced manufacturing equipment but also integrate Industry 4.0 principles, combining automation and connectivity to enhance quality and efficiency. Prospective employees can look forward to engaging with Ford representatives at the new Ford Tennessee Discovery Center, offering insights into advanced manufacturing through virtual reality simulations.

Ohio Assembly Plant, Avon Lake, USA –

Ford Ohio Assembly Plant in Avon Lake, Ohio. (Ford).

In Avon Lake, Ohio, Ford is expanding its assembly plant to cater to the growing demand for electric commercial vehicles. Halfway through construction, this plant is gearing up to produce an all-new electric commercial vehicle for Ford Pro customers by the mid-decade. Utilizing wearable technology, employees at this facility will support high-quality and efficient manufacturing processes, ensuring Ford delivers top-notch electric vehicles to its customers.

Future EVs and Battery Plants –

Design work is in full swing for Ford’s next-generation EVs, spearheaded by a dedicated team in California. This team is focused on developing a smaller, cost-effective, and flexible EV platform capable of underpinning multiple vehicles at scale. Concurrently, construction is progressing at Ford’s BlueOval Battery Park in Michigan, as well as the BlueOval SK joint venture battery plants in Tennessee and Kentucky. These investments underscore Ford’s commitment to advancing battery technology and securing a sustainable future for electric mobility.

From the overhaul of traditional assembly plants to the creation of cutting-edge battery facilities, Ford’s commitment to excellence knows no bounds. With each milestone achieved and every innovation unveiled Ford reaffirms its position as a driving force in the transition to electrification.