Ford Teases Its Newest F-150 Lightning SuperTruck

Ford's Newest Electric Racing Vehicle Prepares To Climb The Peak...

F-150 Lightning SuperTruck. (Ford Performance).

Ford Performance is gearing up to tackle the famous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with a supercharged version of their popular electric pickup. The F-150 Lightning SuperTruck will join the 102nd running of this challenging event, scheduled for late June, as part of Ford’s effort to advance its electric powertrain technology.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, also known as “America’s Mountain,” is a 12.5-mile uphill race featuring 156 turns. This daunting course serves as an excellent testing ground for electric vehicles, allowing manufacturers like Ford to push their technologies to the limit. By participating in this event, Ford aims to gather valuable data to improve the performance and efficiency of its electric vehicles (EVs).

The F-150 Lightning SuperTruck is based on Ford’s best-selling electric pickup but has been modified to enhance its aerodynamics and power output. These adjustments will help it tackle the steep and twisty roads of Pikes Peak. The insights gained from this extreme testing will be used to refine various components of Ford’s EVs, such as motors, inverters, and battery packs, as well as software calibration and battery cell chemistry.

F-150 Lightning SuperTruck. (Ford Performance).

Although Ford has not released many details about the SuperTruck’s specifications, they did reveal that Romain Dumas, a seasoned driver with multiple victories at Pikes Peak, will be behind the wheel. The SuperTruck will be designated competitor No. 150 during the qualifying rounds in Colorado Springs from June 18-20, with the main event taking place on June 23.

This marks Ford’s second consecutive year participating in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb with an electric vehicle. Last year, the company’s 1,400-horsepower Electric SuperVan 4.2 set a class record and claimed victory. This year, Ford hopes to build on that success with the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck.

Ford Performance is also working on other electric race vehicles, such as the Mustang Super Cobra Jet 1800 and the Mustang Mach-E 1400. These projects help the team explore critical areas like battery cell chemistry, heat management, and cooling systems. Additionally, Ford is expanding its expertise in hybrid powertrains as it prepares to reenter Formula 1 in 2026 through a partnership with Oracle Red Bull Racing.