Honda Unveils 2025 miniMOTO and Scooter Lineup

Exciting Updates and Returning Favorites...

2025 Honda Grom. (Honda).

American Honda has announced an exciting refresh of its 2025 lineup, featuring the much-loved Grom alongside the return of several popular models. These small but fun-packed vehicles are designed to offer great riding experiences, combining practicality with style.

2025 Honda Grom: A Fresh Look –

2025 Honda Grom. (Honda).

The 2025 Honda Grom, a top seller in the miniMOTO category, gets a significant aesthetic update. Known for its compact size and immense popularity, the Grom now features redesigned bodywork, giving it an aggressive new look. It remains a favorite for customization, with a variety of new Honda Accessories available, from storage to style upgrades. The Grom’s approachable, peppy character continues to appeal to a wide range of riders.

  • Colors: Candy Blue, Pearl White, Cherry Red
  • Grom SP: Matte Black Metallic
  • Grom ABS: Pearl White
  • MSRP:
    • Grom: $3,599
    • Grom SP: $3,699
    • Grom ABS: $3,799
  • Availability: June 2024

2024 Honda Navi: Affordable and Approachable –

2024 Honda Navi. (Honda).

The Honda Navi, the most affordable road bike in Honda’s lineup, makes a return with new color options. It’s designed to be easy to ride, with a compact size, light weight, and automatic transmission. Its low price and efficient performance have made it a hit, especially among Gen Z riders.

  • Colors:
    • Non-painted: White
    • Painted: Arctic Silver Metallic, Pearl Red, Blue Metallic
  • MSRP:
    • Non-painted: $1,999
    • Painted: $2,099
  • Availability: June 2024

2025 Honda ADV160: The City Adventurer –

2025 Honda ADV160. (Honda).

The ADV160, built around a “City Adventure” concept, is perfect for both urban commutes and mini-adventures. It features a lightweight design, automatic transmission, adjustable windscreen, and under-seat storage, making it a practical and versatile scooter.

  • Colors: Pearl Blue, Matte Black Metallic
  • MSRP: $4,499
  • Availability: June 2024

2025 Honda Ruckus: Industrial and Unique –

2025 Honda Ruckus. (Honda).

The Honda Ruckus, with its distinctive industrial design and peppy performance, continues to be a favorite. Its exposed frame and round headlights give it a unique look, making it a popular choice for customization and group rides.

  • Colors: Black, Beige
  • MSRP: $2,899
  • Availability: July 2024

2025 Honda Metropolitan: Stylish and Practical –

2025 Honda Metropolitan. (Honda).

The Honda Metropolitan offers practical urban transportation with a stylish twist. Its large under-seat storage, automatic transmission, and convenient storage hook make it a great choice for city commuting. The design is inspired by classic European scooters, blending practicality with elegance.

  • Colors: Denim Blue Metallic, Red
  • MSRP: $2,649
  • Availability: June 2024

Honda’s 2025 miniMOTO and scooter lineup showcases a mix of fresh updates and beloved returning models. With a range of options that combine fun, practicality, and affordability, Honda continues to lead the way in the diminutive powersports market. Whether you’re looking for a stylish city commuter or a customizable mini bike, Honda’s 2025 lineup has something to offer.