Indiana State Police Face Issues With Dodge Durango Pursuit Fleet

Mechanical Failures Prompt Concerns Over Reliability and Operational Readiness...

Indiana State Police 2024 Dodge Durango Pursuit. (ISP).

The Indiana State Police (ISP) has faced unexpected setbacks with their latest fleet addition of 2024 Dodge Durango Pursuit models, casting a shadow over what was anticipated to be a seamless transition from the Dodge Charger.

Starting in May 2023, ISP embarked on a significant fleet upgrade, transitioning to the Dodge Durango Pursuit as their primary police vehicle. With an investment totaling approximately $25.8 million, the department placed orders for 516 Durangos, aiming to enhance operational capabilities and efficiency.

However, since the rollout began, ISP has encountered troubling mechanical issues affecting a notable portion of their new fleet. Out of the 219 Durangos deployed so far, 39 vehicles have suffered from defective oil coolers, necessitating engine replacements and causing operational disruptions.

According to statements from ISP Superintendent Doug Carter, efforts to address these issues with Chrysler representatives have not yielded concrete timelines for resolution. This uncertainty has led to frustrations within the department, as sidelined vehicles diminish both their operational effectiveness and taxpayer investment.

Indiana State Police 2024 Dodge Durango Pursuits. (ISP).

“ISP has relied on Dodge as our primary police vehicle provider for the last fifteen years. It is regrettable that we find ourselves in this precarious situation,” commented Superintendent Carter. “The downtime and financial losses associated with these mechanical failures mean that citizens and taxpayers of Indiana are not receiving the reliability and value they deserve.”

The defective oil coolers in the Durango Pursuit models have highlighted concerns over vehicle reliability and raised questions about Chrysler’s quality control processes. While ISP continues to work closely with the manufacturer to resolve these issues swiftly, the incident serves as a reminder of the challenges associated with large-scale fleet transitions in law enforcement.

As investigations and repairs progress, ISP remains committed to ensuring the safety and operational readiness of their fleet, emphasizing the importance of reliable vehicles in fulfilling their duties to the public.

This development underscores the critical role of vehicle reliability in law enforcement operations and highlights the need for stringent quality assurance measures in fleet procurement and management.