Lincoln Expands Its Digital Scent Collection For 2024 Nautilus

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Lincoln Expands Its Digital Scent Collection For 2024 Nautilus. (Lincoln).

Lincoln is making waves by launching its enhanced Digital Scent collection for the all-new 2024 Nautilus. This cutting-edge feature allows drivers to personalize their in-car ambiance like never before, with seven carefully crafted fragrances to choose from.

Teresa Cheung, Manager of Client Experience at Lincoln, emphasizes the importance of personalization in the driving experience. “We’re thrilled to introduce Digital Scent to the 2024 Nautilus, giving our clients the opportunity to create their own in-vehicle sanctuary,” she says.

Lincoln Expands Its Digital Scent Collection For 2024 Nautilus. (Lincoln).

But what exactly does Digital Scent entail? In simple terms, it’s like having a customizable air freshener built right into your car. Lincoln’s team of engineers and designers have delved into the science of how scents can influence mood and well-being, recognizing the profound impact they can have on our senses.

Flore Tramblin, Visualization Designer for Lincoln, highlights the significance of scent in creating memorable experiences. “Scent has a powerful connection to our emotions and memories,” she explains. “It plays a key role in shaping the driving experience for our clients.”

Lincoln Expands Its Digital Scent Collection For 2024 Nautilus. (Lincoln).

Perfumiers have meticulously curated the fragrances in collaboration with Lincoln designers. From the earthy tones of Mystic Forest to the refreshing blend of Serene Seashore, each scent offers a unique journey for the senses. With names like Cloud Balsam and Twilight Embers, they evoke imagery that transports drivers to serene landscapes and cozy retreats.

But how does it work? The Digital Scent feature is controlled through the vehicle’s touchscreen, allowing drivers to adjust the intensity of the fragrance to their liking. Separate profiles can be created for individual preferences, ensuring every passenger enjoys a personalized olfactory experience.

Lincoln Expands Its Digital Scent Collection For 2024 Nautilus. (Lincoln).

One of Digital Scent’s standout features is its independent diffusion system, separate from the car’s heating and cooling. This means drivers can enjoy their chosen fragrance without affecting the temperature inside the vehicle. Plus, Lincoln has rigorously tested the scent cartridges to ensure compatibility with a wide range of climates, from freezing cold to scorching heat.

And the best part? Lincoln Digital Scent cartridges are readily available online, making it easy for Nautilus owners to replenish their favorite fragrances whenever they like. Whether through the Lincoln website, Lincoln Access Rewards, or simply scanning the in-car QR code, drivers can conveniently access their preferred scents.