Mike Musto Is Putting A HurriCrate Engine In His Hornet Widebody

Vehicle Will Make An Appearance At Roadkill Nights In August...

HurriCrate-powered Dodge Hornet Widebody. (@mike_musto).

Last fall, renowned automotive enthusiast and creator Mike Musto (@mike_musto) teamed up with Hemmings and Dodge to craft a bespoke Dodge Hornet GT Widebody. Collaborating with Unique Fabrications, known for their exceptional craftsmanship, and alongside designer Neil Tjin (@TjinEdition) and conceptual designer Abimelec Arellano (@AbimelecDesign), they undertook an ambitious project to redefine the Hornet into a unique automotive masterpiece. Now that this mission is accomplished, a new chapter awaits.

HurriCrate-powered Dodge Hornet Widebody. (@mike_musto).

In his most recent social media post, Musto showed the widebody Hornet being disassembled to make way for a new powerplant. Musto, who also hosts a podcast for Dodge on DodgeGarage.com, recently discussed Roadkill Nights returning for 2024. During the podcast, he announced that two teams slated for the Dodge Grudge Match would bring Hornets to the event powered by the Direct Connection HurriCrate Cat 3 engine. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when Musto showed the widebody Hornet being torn apart next to a HurriCrate Cat 3 engine and a ZF 8HP 8-speed automatic transmission.


Central to the project is Dodge’s new HurriCrate Cat 3 engine, derived from the acclaimed 3.0-liter Hurricane twin-turbo engine. Recognized for its advanced engineering, the HurriCrate Cat 3 boasts impressive specifications: delivering up to 550 horsepower and 531 lb.-ft. of torque. This substantial power upgrade promises to elevate the Hornet GT Widebody’s performance to new heights, enhancing its drag racing capabilities.

HurriCrate-powered Dodge Hornet Widebody. (@mike_musto).

Stay tuned for updates as the Dodge Hornet GT Widebody prepares to make its mark on Woodward Ave., embodying the spirit of innovation and passion for performance that defines the automotive world.

The entire build is being filmed for Hemmings.