Rivian Will Race Pikes Peak With Its Refreshened R1T Pickup

Some Quick Instagram Images Have Confirmed New Quad-Motor Pickup To Tackle Pikes Peak...

Rivian R1T Updated Interior. (Gardner Nichols' Instagram).

Rivian is gearing up for an electrifying showcase at its Electric Summer Kick-Off event today. The company will lift the curtain on its refreshed R1T truck and R1S SUV, offering a glimpse into what the brand has in store for its two halo vehicles.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Rivian is also gearing up for an adrenaline-fueled showdown at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC), set to take place on June 23rd. The iconic race will serve as the ultimate proving ground for Rivian’s latest innovations, with the refreshed R1T poised to take on the challenge.

Last year, Rivian made waves at Pikes Peak with its R1T, setting a production truck record. Now, with a revamped model in tow, Rivian is poised to push the boundaries even further.

One notable improvement comes in the form of enhanced brake cooling. Gardner Nichols, Rivian’s Performance Test Engineer and last year’s driver, faced challenges with battery overheating affecting performance. To address this issue, the refreshed R1T boasts air ducts strategically positioned to direct cool air towards the brakes, ensuring optimal performance throughout the grueling 156-turn ascent.

But that’s not all. Rivian has also revealed a game-changing update under the hood. The R1T now features proprietary Enduro motors, developed in-house by Rivian’s engineering team. These motors promise superior performance and efficiency compared to the previous Bosch drive units, elevating the R1T’s capabilities to new heights.

Inside the cabin, drivers will be treated to a revamped user interface, showcasing a new Performance screen. This screen provides real-time temperature readings for all four motors, confirming the R1T’s quad-motor configuration. This revelation puts to rest speculation about a potential tri-motor setup, highlighting Rivian’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology without compromising on performance.

Excitement surrounding Rivian’s Pikes Peak endeavor has been building, fueled by sightings of prototype models and hints from influencers. Be sure to stay tuned to GearheadDaily.com, for more details on the updated R1T and R1S after.

Source: AutoEvolution