Apple Unveils Customizable Gauge Clusters In Next-Gen CarPlay

Redefining In-Car Experience with Personalized Dashboard Design...

Screenshot of the custom displays from the next-gen Apple CarPlay. (Apple Developer).

Apple’s CarPlay has long been a favorite among drivers for its intuitive interface and seamless integration with iPhone features. However, the next generation of CarPlay is poised to revolutionize the in-car experience even further. Set to launch later this year, this iteration offers unprecedented customization options, allowing you to design a truly personalized gauge cluster.

One of the standout features of this next-gen CarPlay is its adaptability to any vehicle’s hardware. Automakers can express their brand’s character through customizable gauges, layouts, and dynamic content. But the real game-changer is the level of control it gives to drivers.

Screenshot of the custom displays from the next-gen Apple CarPlay. (Apple Developer).

Imagine customizing the font on your speedometer or designing analog-style digital gauges to your liking. Whether you prefer a modern minimalist look or a classic retro style with tick marks per mile-an-hour, CarPlay allows for it all.

The new CarPlay doesn’t just look good; it’s functional too. For instance, when using adaptive cruise control, a band will show how close your vehicle is to the set speed. Fuel and temperature indicators are also color-coded, with red bars alerting you when the vehicle is low on fuel or running too hot.

Apple’s latest CarPlay aims to provide a unified and consistent experience across all of a vehicle’s displays. According to Ben Crick, Apple Human Interface Designer, this new CarPlay combines “the best of iPhone and the best of your car.” This means a cohesive design language that applies to the infotainment screen and the driver’s instrument cluster.

Apple’s approach eliminates the traditional constraints of gauge cluster design. Instead of being at the mercy of manufacturers’ layout choices, drivers can now configure their own. You can even add background wallpapers to your gauge cluster for a personal touch.

Screenshot of the custom displays from the next-gen Apple CarPlay. (Apple Developer).

Dynamic content is another exciting aspect of this update. Moving maps, daily calendars, and other live information can be incorporated into the gauge cluster. Navigation prompts, for example, can automatically appear and adjust the speedometer layout to fit.

While Apple hasn’t disclosed which automakers are on board, those who adopt this new CarPlay will likely offer some or all of these features. Integrating such customizable technology signals a shift towards more driver-centric design, where the user experience is paramount.

For a closer look at these upcoming features, check out the video from the Apple Developer YouTube channel above.