AUCTION: 1973 Dodge Colt Hardtop 4-Speed

Meet Dodge's Imported Economy Car After The Muscle Car Era...

1973 Dodge Colt Hardtop 4-Speed. (BringATrailer).

If you have a penchant for vintage cars, this 1973 Dodge Colt Hardtop 4-Speed that currently is up for grabs on (BaT) might catch your eye. This particular model, which is being offered at no reserve, holds a fascinating place in automotive history.

A Transition in the Auto Industry – 
1973 Dodge Colt Hardtop 4-Speed. (BringATrailer).

The early 1970s marked a significant shift in the automotive landscape. With the introduction of stricter emissions regulations, the oil crisis leading to fuel shortages, and a spike in insurance costs for high-performance vehicles, American car buyers began gravitating towards smaller, more fuel-efficient cars. The classic muscle car era, characterized by big-block V8 engines, was coming to an end. Automakers like Dodge needed to adapt to the changing market demands.

Enter the Dodge Colt. A product of Chrysler’s collaboration with Mitsubishi, the Colt was designed to meet the new consumer preferences of the time. It offered practicality, fuel efficiency, and a departure from the gas-guzzling muscle cars of the previous decade.

The Car’s Story – 
1973 Dodge Colt Hardtop 4-Speed. (BringATrailer).

This 1973 Dodge Colt hardtop has an intriguing history of its own. Originally purchased in November 1973 as a display vehicle for a Dodge dealership in Vancouver, British Columbia, it has since been acquired by a private owner on BaT in December 2021. The car, now located in California, is being sold with a clean Illinois title.

Classic Features and Refined Look – 
1973 Dodge Colt Hardtop 4-Speed. (BringATrailer).

Finished in a striking red with a white vinyl roof, this Colt features a pillar-less profile that gives it a sleek appearance. It carries “1600” badging on the front fenders, triple accent lines stamped into the rear fenders, and chrome bumpers that meet the safety standards of the era. The paintwork, refinished under previous ownership, maintains a vibrant look.

The car sits on aftermarket 14-inch Panasport wheels with 185/60 BFGoodrich Touring T/A TR4 tires, although the factory hubcaps are included in the sale for those who prefer an original look. Braking is handled by front disc and rear drum brakes.

Inside the Colt – 
1973 Dodge Colt Hardtop 4-Speed. (BringATrailer).

The interior of this Colt is a blend of vintage charm and functionality. The front bucket seats and rear bench are trimmed in white vinyl, complemented by a color-coordinated headliner and door panels, contrasted by a black dashboard and carpeting. Amenities include an inside hood release, AM radio, cigar lighter, glove compartment, and an instrument panel package tray.

A two-spoke steering wheel on a tilt column frames a horizontal 120-mph speedometer and auxiliary gauges for coolant temperature and fuel level. The five-digit odometer shows 29,000 miles, though the true mileage is unknown.

Under the Hood –
1973 Dodge Colt Hardtop 4-Speed. (BringATrailer).

Powering this classic is a 1.6-liter Mitsubishi inline-four engine, which produced 85 horsepower and 90 lb.-ft. of torque when new. This engine is mated to a four-speed manual transmission with synchronized forward gears, sending power to the rear wheels.

Auction Details – 
1973 Dodge Colt Hardtop 4-Speed. (BringATrailer).

The car comes with a collection of manufacturer’s literature, including an owner’s manual, a 1973 Dodge Colt press kit, and contemporary dealer advertising materials.

This 1973 Dodge Colt Hardtop 4-Speed is currently up for auction on Bidding ends on Wednesday, June 5 at 5:18 p.m. EDT. For collectors or enthusiasts of vintage automobiles, this Dodge Colt offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of automotive history from a transformative era.