Classic American Muscle: 1987 Buick Grand National

For Sale: A Pristine Example of Buick's Legendary Performance Car...

1987 Buick Grand National. (Classic Auto Mall).

If you’re a fan of classic American muscle cars, the 1987 Buick Grand National is a name that surely resonates. Celebrating the final year of production, this particular Grand National, now up for sale, stands as a testament to the era when Buick decided to shake up the automotive world with a car that was as fast as it was stylish.

Exterior Excellence – 

1987 Buick Grand National. (Classic Auto Mall).

The Grand National is synonymous with its all-black appearance, and this example is no exception. Repainted in 2009, the car boasts a deep, glossy finish thanks to 10 coats of clear over the factory-correct black paint. The refurbishment included new gaskets, rubber, and a windshield, ensuring the exterior is as fresh as it was decades ago. All emblems are in their proper places, enhancing its authentic look. The 15-inch Grand National wheels, wrapped in BFGoodrich tires dated mid-2021, add to its aggressive stance.

Classic Interior –

1987 Buick Grand National. (Classic Auto Mall).

Step inside, and you’re greeted by the familiar gray and black cloth interior, featuring the Turbo-6 logo embroidered on the headrests. Despite having 89,590 title-verified miles, the seats and upholstery look remarkably well-preserved. The dashboard retains the original factory setup, with a speedometer that goes up to 85 mph, a nod to its more sedate Regal cousins. Boost and RPM are displayed with light bars, offering a futuristic feel. The center console houses the T-handle shifter and an aftermarket armrest with cupholders, adding modern convenience to this classic cabin.

Performance and Drivetrain –

1987 Buick Grand National. (Classic Auto Mall).

Under the hood lies the heart of the Grand National: a numbers-matching 3.8-liter turbocharged V6 engine. This powerplant, paired with a 200R4 4-speed automatic transmission and a 10-bolt rear with 3.42 gearing, delivers a driving experience that defined a generation of muscle cars. Enhancements include a cold air kit, a performance chip, and chromed intake pipes. Recent maintenance includes a new brake booster, alternator, AC valve, and heater core, ensuring reliability.

Under the Surface –

1987 Buick Grand National. (Classic Auto Mall).

The undercarriage reveals a car that has been meticulously cared for. Recent replacements include ball joints, motor and transmission mounts, sway bar, shocks, and mufflers. The exhaust system, featuring Hooker Aero Chamber mufflers, ensures a satisfying rumble without the overpowering noise of a V8. The suspension setup—independent coils in the front and a 4-link with coils in the rear—provides a smooth yet controlled ride.

Driving this Grand National is a blast from the past. The turbocharged V6 delivers power smoothly, pushing you back into your seat with its impressive acceleration. Despite its factory-rated 245 horsepower, the car feels much more potent, especially with the performance modifications. It’s a car that brings a smile to your face with every boost of the turbo and snort of the wastegate.

A Rare Opportunity –

1987 Buick Grand National. (Classic Auto Mall).

More than 20,000 Buick Grand Nationals were produced in 1987, but few have been maintained and preserved as well as this one. Its excellent condition, from the gleaming exterior to the powerful and well-maintained drivetrain, makes it a rare find in today’s market. Whether you’re a collector or a muscle car enthusiast, this Grand National offers a piece of automotive history with appreciating value.

Classic Auto Mall, home to over 1,000 classic and collectible vehicles, is the one currently selling this  1987 Buick Grand National. Located in Morgantown, Pennsylvania. They are asking $59,900, showing that Grand Nationals continue to go for a premium in today’s market. For more details, visit Classic Auto Mall.