Ford Kicks Off Production of the Explorer EV In Germany

A Historic Transformation Sparks Ford's Electric Future in Europe...

Ford has officially started mass production of its all-electric Ford Explorer at the newly transformed Cologne Electric Vehicle Center, marking a significant milestone for the company’s electric vehicle (EV) ambitions in Europe. This event is notable as it represents the first vehicle to come off the production line at Ford’s first dedicated EV facility in Europe, a historic site revamped with a $2 billion investment.

A New Era for Ford in Europe –

2024 Ford Explorer EV at the Cologne Electric-Vehicle Center. (Ford).

The Cologne factory, originally established by Ford in 1930, has undergone a dramatic transformation into a state-of-the-art EV production facility. This change is part of Ford’s broader strategy to lead in the electric vehicle market and reduce its carbon footprint across its European operations.

Kieran Cahill, vice president of Manufacturing for Ford in Europe and International Markets Group, expressed excitement about the transformation, saying, “The start of mass production of electric vehicles, with the new all-electric Explorer, marks the beginning of a new era for Ford in Europe.”

Cutting-Edge Manufacturing –

2024 Ford Explorer EV at the Cologne Electric-Vehicle Center. (Ford).

The newly named Cologne Electric Vehicle Center boasts advanced technology to ensure the production of high-quality EVs. The facility features over 600 new robots and self-learning machines that handle tasks such as welding, cutting, dusting, painting, and fusing with precision and efficiency. A digital twin of the plant allows real-time monitoring and control of the entire assembly process, ensuring high standards of quality are maintained.

Rene Wolf, Managing Director of Manufacturing at Ford-Werke GmbH, highlighted the plant’s sophisticated capabilities: “By monitoring and controlling every step of the manufacturing process, Ford will achieve unprecedented levels of quality for our customers.”

Sustainable Production –

2024 Ford Explorer EV at the Cologne Electric-Vehicle Center. (Ford).

Ford’s Cologne Electric Vehicle Center is one of the company’s most efficient vehicle assembly plants worldwide. The facility is committed to sustainable production practices, including significant reductions in emissions, water usage, and energy consumption. It operates entirely on certified renewable electricity and biomethane, reflecting Ford’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

Ford aims to achieve carbon neutrality across its European production footprint, including facilities, logistics, and direct suppliers, by 2035. As part of this initiative, the company will monitor and record greenhouse gas emissions data at the Cologne plant for independent certification.

The All-Electric Explorer –

2024 Ford Explorer EV. (Ford).

The all-electric Explorer, combining German engineering and American design, is designed to offer superior specifications with zero tailpipe emissions. The vehicle boasts an impressive driving range of over 600 kilometers (373 miles) on a single charge, providing a practical and eco-friendly option for European customers.

Following the Explorer, a new sports crossover EV is set to be revealed shortly, with production starting later this year at the Cologne facility.