IONNA Charges Ahead: Durham, NC Chosen as Global HQ

Transforming EV Charging: A Nexus of Innovation and Collaboration...

In a significant stride towards transforming the landscape of electric vehicle (EV) charging, IONNA, the brainchild of automotive giants BMW, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Kia, and Stellantis, has designated Durham, North Carolina, as its global headquarters. This strategic move, following regulatory green lights and operational initiation in February, underscores IONNA’s unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the EV charging experience.

Durham’s selection as IONNA’s nerve center is no coincidence but a well-calibrated decision, driven by its thriving research ecosystem and proximity to leading educational institutions. Seth Cutler, CEO of IONNA, encapsulated the sentiment succinctly, “We are thrilled to call Durham home. The area’s established history of research, innovation, and its vibrant growing community, make it the perfect place for IONNA to join, thrive, and pioneer.” This sentiment resonates with Governor Roy Cooper’s assertion that North Carolina’s innovative landscape and skilled workforce position it as a nucleus for the EV industry’s growth.

Seth Cutler, CEO of IONNA. (IONNA).

With the inauguration of its headquarters, IONNA is poised to fast-track its 2024 launch objectives, leveraging Durham’s conducive environment to reimagine EV charging paradigms. The headquarters, envisioned as a hub for collaboration, innovation, and experimentation, embodies IONNA’s ethos of pioneering excellence in the EV charging domain.

At the heart of the headquarters lies the Customer Experience Lab, poised to drive innovation across seven satellite labs located at the founding OEMs’ facilities. This holistic approach aims to set industry benchmarks, ensuring seamless interoperability and relentless enhancement.

In tandem with establishing its headquarters, IONNA has appointed key executives to its leadership team, including Derek Rush as CFO, Ricardo Stamatti as CPO, and Shankar Muthukumar as COO. These seasoned leaders bring a wealth of experience and a shared commitment to propelling IONNA towards its goal of deploying over 30,000 ultra-fast charging stations across North America.

As IONNA embarks on this transformative journey, its choice of Durham as its global headquarters serves as a testament to the region’s burgeoning tech talent pool and innovation ecosystem. With a relentless focus on innovation, reliability, and customer-centricity, IONNA is poised to redefine the contours of EV charging, setting new standards and heralding a sustainable future for mobility.