City of Dallas Partners with Ford Pro to Boost EV Charging Infrastructure

Multi-Year Agreement Aims to Electrify City Fleet by 2040...

Ford Pro Charging. (Ford).

In a significant step towards a greener future, the City of Dallas has signed a multi-year agreement with Ford Pro, the commercial division of Ford, to enhance its electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. This move is part of the city’s broader goal to electrify its entire vehicle fleet by 2040, a key component of Dallas’s Climate Action Plan to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.

A Comprehensive Plan for a Greener Fleet –

The City of Dallas, America’s fourth-largest metro area, is committed to creating a clean, safe, and healthy environment. To achieve this, Dallas plans to convert its fleet of 5,400 vehicles to electric power by 2040. This ambitious goal is supported by a 10-year agreement with Ford Pro, which will provide the hardware and the smart charging software necessary to manage the city’s EV charging needs.

2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Super Crew 4×4. (Ford).

Smart Charging Solutions –

Under the agreement, Ford Pro will install EV chargers at various city worksites. The Ford Pro smart charging software will be crucial in optimizing the charging process, ensuring that fleet vehicles are charged efficiently and ready for use when needed. This integrated solution is designed to help the city save money on energy costs and avoid energy waste while also supporting the city’s sustainability goals.

Leadership and Vision –

Dallas Mayor Eric L. Johnson highlighted the importance of this partnership, stating, “The City of Dallas is committed to a clean, safe, and healthy environment, and we’re making great strides in our efforts to reduce emissions and improve air quality. This agreement with Ford Pro marks a significant milestone and will help our city avoid energy waste and save money on energy costs. We look forward to building upon our work with Ford Pro to further scale EV charging infrastructure and electrify our fleet operations to continue to serve our great city now and in the future.”

Ford Pro’s Role in Public Sector Electrification

Ted Cannis, CEO of Ford Pro, emphasized the growing trend of EV adoption among state and local government fleets. “EV adoption is on the rise with state and local government fleets, and we’re proud to provide smart charging software and hardware to help electrify one of the Lone Star State’s biggest cities in one of America’s biggest metro areas,” said Cannis. “The impact software can have on EV charging can be substantial, helping public agencies like the City of Dallas not only manage charging infrastructure today, but help determine where chargers may be needed in the future.”

2024 Ford E-Transit 350 Base Cargo LR 130 WB. (Ford).

A Broader Trend – 

Dallas’s move is part of a larger trend across the United States, where state and local governments increasingly invest in EVs and the necessary infrastructure. With the federal government pushing for most federal vehicle purchases to be zero-emission vehicles by 2035, many local governments are following suit to reduce operational costs and improve environmental outcomes.

Ford Pro: A Comprehensive Solution Provider –

Ford Pro offers a one-stop solution for businesses and government entities looking to transition to electric vehicles. Ford Pro simplifies the path to electrification with a full suite of services that includes vehicles, charging solutions, software, financing, and maintenance. Their lineup includes popular models like the F-150 Lightning, E-Transit, and other best-selling commercial vehicles tailored to meet the needs of various fleet operations.

By partnering with Ford Pro, the City of Dallas is taking a bold step towards a more sustainable future, setting a solid example for other cities. This collaboration supports Dallas’s environmental goals and positions the city as a leader in municipal electrification efforts.