Alfa Romeo To Produce Electric E-Segment SUV In North America

Italian Automaker Plans U.S. Production at Detroit's Jefferson North Assembly Plant...

2024 Alfa Romeo E-Segment SUV Rendering. (MoparInsiders).

Alfa Romeo is set to make a significant move in the North American market by producing a large electric SUV. This development revealed through a leaked document by CocheSpias, marks a strategic shift for Alfa Romeo as it aims to compete in the premium SUV segment.

A New Chapter for Alfa Romeo – 

Since re-entering the U.S. market, Alfa Romeo has faced challenges in gaining a strong foothold despite having well-regarded models like the Giulia sedan and Stelvio SUV. While other premium brands like Genesis and Polestar have seen increasing popularity, Alfa Romeo’s offerings have not resonated as strongly with American consumers. The company hopes to change this trend with its new E-segment electric SUV.

Production at Detroit’s Jefferson North Assembly Plant – 

Leaked Document sighting Alfa Romeo E-SUV. (CocheSpias).

According to the leaked document by CocheSpias, Alfa Romeo’s new SUV will be manufactured at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant (JNAP) in Detroit. This facility is part of the larger Detroit Assembly Complex, which produces popular models such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee (WL) and Dodge Durango (WD). The new Alfa Romeo SUV will share the STLA Large platform with the next-generation Dodge Durango (D6U), set to debut in late 2025, and the updated Grand Cherokee, expected next year.

The document also states that the new Alfa Romeo E-segment SUV will be codenamed A6U.

All-Electric Ambitions – 

2024 Alfa Romeo E-Segment SUV Rendering. (MoparInsiders).

While the upcoming Durango and Grand Cherokee will offer both internal combustion engine (ICE) and battery-electric vehicle (BEV) options, the new Alfa Romeo SUV will be exclusively electric. The STLA Large platform, designed by Stellantis it promises impressive capabilities, including a potential range of up to 500 miles (800 kilometers) on a single charge, thanks to advanced electric drive modules (EDMs) and modular battery packs.

Market Projections – 

Stellantis’ projections, as per the leaked document, suggest that the new Alfa Romeo SUV will start production in 2027, with initial sales of around 2,000 units in the first year. By 2028, sales are expected to rise to nearly 10,700 units. These figures indicate a cautious but optimistic approach to the vehicle’s market performance.

Looking Forward – 

2024 Alfa Romeo E-Segment SUV Rendering. (MoparInsiders).

This new E-segment SUV represents a bold step for Alfa Romeo as it seeks to enhance its presence in the highly competitive North American market. With production set in Detroit, the move underscores Stellantis’ commitment to leveraging its global resources and expertise to cater to regional markets.

As the automotive industry continues to shift towards electric vehicles (EVs), Alfa Romeo’s forthcoming SUV could play a crucial role in redefining the brand’s image and appeal in the U.S. market. Given the current demand for electric vehicles in the U.S., we have to wait to see how Alfa will market this new SUV to appeal to Americans over its slightly smaller Stelvio SUV.

Source: CocheSpias